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1.5 MM DYING seniors are in JEOPARDY [Could your loved one be next?!]

For many, hospice is the “last step” before death.  

It’s SUPPOSED to provide comfort… release stress… and relieve pain in your final months of life. 

OF COURSE we’d rather pass away peacefully at home, surrounded by loved ones, rather than in a hospital! 

But the corporations that run some hospice services have PROVEN to be grossly INCOMPETENT. 

Patients nearing the ends of their lives are being put in IMMEDIATE jeopardy! 

We’re talking TERMINALLY ill folks… with LESS THAN six months to live… SUFFERING needlessly. 

A new report reveals some of the WORSE cases you’ll ever hear… with the DIREST of consequences.  

Imagine losing limbs… GASPING for air… and TORMENTED by pain… just because your care provider is somehow BEYOND scrutiny! 

These aren’t just occasional LAPSES in eldercare. 

We’re in a full-blown CRISIS of end-of-life neglect 

If you are facing a grim prognosis yourself… or are caring for someone who is… here’s the ESSENTIAL information you need to know right now.  

What happens when no one’s looking? 

For some, hospice helps to avoid the unnecessary pain and trauma of being hospitalized. 

You might receive end-of-life care in your own home… a nursing home… or assisted living facility.  

The whole point is to EASE your transition to the other side… 

But since a 1982 act of Congress ordered Medicare to pay for most hospice care in this country… the business of taking care of our elders changed. 

It became BIG business. 

In 2017, billings were DOUBLE the amount a decade before – topping out at $18 BILLION. 

And according to a just-out report from the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 

The QUALITY of care doesn’t match the FLOOD of CASH that’s POURING in. 

Patients are being ABUSED and MISTREATED by NEGLIGENT hospice staff. 

They’re being left alone FOR DAYS… WITHOUT pain meds… and with FILTHY, infested tubes stuck God-only-knows-where in their bodies. 

And these horrors are happening to folks in their MOST VULNERABLE moments of near-death 

Shockingly, hospice providers are not being held accountable – not by Medicare, and not by any other organization, either. 

Medicare isn’t doing A THING to enforce the WEAK safeguards they’ve got in place! 

Its web portal, Hospice Compare, is SUPPOSED to help you shop around for quality hospice providers  

But the website DOESN’T list state inspection results… or ANY reported deficiencies! 

As it is, hospices are only inspected once every three years. And a LOT can happen in three years. 

Especially when for-profit hospice chains like VITAS Healthcarethe nation’s largest, are being operated by executives with dollar signs in their eyes 

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, based in our nation’s capital, has called these EGREGIOUS cases “outliers.”  

But it’s clear that the agency’s involvement so far has been USELESS 

Because no matter how many surveys it sends… or “guidance” it provides… these NIGHTMARES keep happening. 

So, how do you choose a hospice… especially when the OIG report states that 20% of them are so DEFICIENT, they put their patients at risk? 

Some U.S. states do list complaints… AND link to full inspection reportsMissouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services and the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Health Care Facilities Deficiencies database are two examples. 

Check with your local state agency and do your homework through non-profit organizations like Eden Alternative, which publishes a free guide for those looking for eldercare.