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Rest easy and wake up REFRESHED with this Chinese ‘sleeping herb’

Sleeplessness always seems to hit at the MOST inopportune times.


Just when you need a good night’s rest the most… you’re flat on your back, staring at the ceiling.


Or you’re tossing and turning… checking the clock… with no restful sleep in sight.


You can’t just knock a few back… or knock yourself out… because you need to be at your best during the day.


Fortunately, there’s an ancient herbal remedy that’s mildly sedative – and it can help you feel alert the next day.


Although its use was pioneered in Asia, it can be found growing in this country, from Pennsylvania… to Minnesota… and California.


There’s just one problem…


In some states, its survival is threatened… or it’s disappeared altogether… as its habitat has been PAVED OVER and BURIED in buildings!


Put your mind and body at ease


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the bogbean (Menyanthes trifoliata) is known as one of the “sleeping herbs” or “Herbs that calm consciousness.”


Its recorded use dates back to around the 17th century, during the Qing Dynasty…


But its ACTUAL use dates MUCH farther back than that.


The fossil record shows that its bean-like seeds could be found as many as 16 million years ago!


This time-tested flowering plant grows in wetlands in both the East and the West…


Yet Western medicine has FORGOTTEN all about its gentle calming effects.


European remedies have instead focused on the dried leaves’ content of a bitter principle compound called menyanthin, which makes the bogbean a digestive tonic.


But there’s so much more to this boggy herb.


Because this water-loving plant is closely related to the gentian plants (like yellow gentian, Gentiana lutea), it contains the mildly tranquilizing compound gentianine.


In bogbean extract, you can also find phenethyl-alcohol, known for its sedative qualities.


Those two components explain why bogbean is also known for its ability to relieve pain.


And nothing can disrupt your sleep like aches and pains!


But here’s the SPECIAL trick that the bogbean leaf has up its sleeve… 


One of its key compounds is caffeic acid — which is stimulating (as in caffeine)!


That means if you’re suffering from general fatigue, it can help boost your energy.


You can buy dried, wild-harvested leaves online and use them to make a tea.


Stay away from the fresh leaves, unless you plan to dry them yourself. When they’re not dried, bogbean leaves can make you sick.


Bogbean is also available as a supplement in capsule form.


It can interfere with how your blood clots… so don’t mix it with any blood-thinning drugs.


To emerging from a sleepless quagmire,


Melissa Young