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OBLITERATE cancer with this exotic ‘tree trunk trick’

What makes cancer such a sinister disease?


It’s a shapeshifter.


It’s not just ONE disease… and there isn’t just ONE type of it.


Cancer can hit you in MULTIPLE parts of your body all at once.


And even if you get rid of it in one area… it can MOVE to another.


Too often, treating cancer with highly targeted approaches is like playing a game of whack-a-mole.


Some cancer patients witness tumors popping up ALL over… until they’re out of control… and they take them down FOR GOOD.


Fortunately, there are some alternative cancer therapies out there that take a “broad spectrum” approach.


And one “wood herb” in particular has shown INCREDIBLE promise against MULTIPLE types of cancers.


A lab-tested TRIPLE THREAT


The cancer-killing herb catechu (Senegalia catechu) comes from a tree that hails mainly from Southeast Asia.


On the Indian subcontinent, it’s been used as medicine since ancient times.


Fortunately, early Ayurvedic practitioners discovered how to extract its most healing components…


They simply boiled its heartwood in water and evaporating the tannic “brew” that resulted.


As it turns out, that’s STILL the best way to tap into the POTENT compounds… which would otherwise be TRAPPED inside the wood!


And unlike other herbal remedies… for which you need to harvest the leaves, flowers, fruits, or roots… this one requires digging deep into the tree’s trunk.


At least some of the anticancer activity of catechu appears to come from its rich content of catechins.


Catechins are building blocks of tannins – compounds that have been proven to keep cancer cells from growing.


But according to scientific studies, catechu’s cancer-fighting mechanisms are MUCH more complex than the actions of a single compound.


In 2011, Indian researchers found that catechu extract’s antioxidant activity inhibits the growth of human epithelial carcinoma cells… and STOP tumor growth in lab mice induced with squamous cell carcinoma.


That makes sense, as catechu was first used as a skin protectant and to heal skin disorders – even SEVERE ones, like leprosy!


It gets better…


In a 2014 in vitro study out of India, catechu extract showed significant cytotoxicity to human breast adenocarcinoma cells in a lab dish.


How’d it beat the cancer? By inducing apoptosis (a.k.a. “cell suicide”).


And even THAT’S not all it can do.


In 2015, Egyptian researchers found that catechu extract SABOTAGES human leukemia cells… by altering the genetic expression that allows them to survive.


Those three studies alone should be enough to have scientists jumping for joy.


Yet NO mainstream studies on humans have been funded!


And conventional oncologists will tell you that catechu hasn’t been PROVEN… and therefore WON’T work.


On the contrary – Ayurvedic healers have been using catechu to protect cancer patients from their conventional treatments, like chemo and radiation.


Catechu is an ESSENTIAL component of Ayurvedic “rejuvenating” (or “rasayana”) treatments for AGES.


And on its own, it beats back both inflammation AND pain, to boot.


You can get catechu (sometimes called “Acacia catechu”) as a supplement in capsule or powdered form.


Don’t be surprised to find it in a joint support formula. Its anti-inflammatory action can be a GODSEND for folks with aches and pains associated with the “wear and tear” form of arthritis.


There are two kinds of catechu – “black” and “pale” – but they should work about the same.


To finally whacking the mole,

Melissa Young