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[Shocking] You could get lung cancer… even if you’ve NEVER smoked!

Happy Independence Day. I hope you’re relaxing this holiday weekend with those you love.


While you’re spending time together, there’s an URGENT warning you’ll want to share with your family.


New numbers show lung cancer is still here… still deadly… and striking a stunning number of people who’ve never so much as had a WHIFF of tobacco.


Up to 1 in 4 of all lung cancer patients are “never-smokers”…


And “secondhand smoke” is to blame in just 15% of those cases.


The rest?


If you ask the mainstream, the best you’ll get is a shrug.


They’re still shocked at WHAT’S happening… so OF COURSE they can’t nail down WHY.


But I can…


Lung cancer comes from more than lighting up


Smoking has been restricted, banned, taxed and vaped almost out of existence…


And the big promise from the mainstream was that as a result, lung cancer would be a thing of the past.


Not so fast!


In a typical day, you’re sniffing up:


  • auto exhaust
  • diesel fumes
  • God-only-knows-what-else fumes
  • Particulate matter
  • cleaning agents
  • deodorizers and fragrances


and other leading causes of lung cancer.


The odor/inhalation of many of these things — including (especially) cosmetics — has NEVER been thoroughly tested in humans.


Don’t believe me? Go ahead and search the entire PubMed archive to see what’s out there.


Spoiler alert: It won’t take you long.


Then, depending on where you live… and what you eat… there are the herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, pick-any-cides-you-want.


Not to mention aluminum, barium and strontium from the fly ash in chemtrails (just look up, and tell me those are normal).


Even your meds can cause cancer, with popular ACE inhibitors given for blood pressure specifically linked to lung cancer.


There are cancer-causing toxins in processed foods – like those dogs, burgers, and buns you’ll be firing up in the backyard this weekend.


Those same foods make ya fat, which is another major risk factor.


The surprise isn’t the rising number of non-smoker lung cancers and other cancers.


The REAL shocker is that we ALL don’t have cancer!


And by the way, lung cancer is just ONE of the risks…


All this stuff going up your nose… down your tubes… and into your lungs can cause all manner of lung problems including COPD, mesothelioma, and more.


Now, the sad truth is you can’t avoid all of these triggers without living like Bubble Boy.


And maybe one day soon, we’ll all be walking around in gas masks.


But until then, you’ve got some better options:

  1. Limit your exposure to toxins. Filter the air in your home, close the windows if it’s smoggy out, and don’t jog along the highway.
  2. Eat naturally. I could go on and on about diet, but when it comes down to it just eat REAL and ORGANIC food – I almost don’t even care what it is – and your chemical burden will plunge.
  3. Load up on cancer-fighting nutrients. Start with the basic alphabet vitamins, of course, but to specifically protect against the damage that leads to lung cancer you’ll want n-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and alpha lipoic acid (ALA).


In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen