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[Cover-Up] This INVISIBLE threat could DESTROY your health

A technology revolution is coming.  

But this one won’t improve your life… and it could end up WRECKING it.  

Some people are calling the new 5G cellular technology… you know, that thing that’s supposed to make our smart phones even smarter and faster… a “massive health experiment.  

But that’s a LIE. These tech-heads know exactly what they’re doing 

Just ask the military.  

Because the U.S. Army uses the same exact radio waves as an AGONIZING crowd control weapon 

And you’re the next target.  

By the time that 5G fully rolls out over the next year or so, its health risks will be unavoidable 

So the time is NOW to keep ourselvesand the people we love safe.  

The secret military weapon coming to your town 

The latest cell phone and internet technology, known simply as “5G,” uses waves that are much tinier than anything we’ve seen in the past.  

And as 5G continues to roll out in America, people will start getting sick. 

How am I so sure? 

Because the military has already developed those 5G waves into a weapon 

The U.S. Department of Defense has incorporated them into a part of their weapons program, called the Active Denial System.  

Those teeny-tiny waves work their way into your skin, through your pores and sweat glands – and can cause an unbearable burning sensation. 

One zap… and an entire crowd will disperse. 

These radio waves have even replaced other non-lethal weapons like rubber bullets! 

A single attack of them is strong enough to disable you, but it won’t kill you.  

The DOD had to be sure of that – so it started researching their effects extensively in 2000. 

Since then, it has exposed tens of thousands of volunteers to concentrated, directed beams. 

According to a 2009 report from the National Defense Industry, the weaponized version of 5G technology is “the most studied and reviewed non-lethal weapon in DOD history.”  

Studied for HURTING people… NOT keeping them safe.  

The beams have caused second-degree burns on both the shooters and those being shot at 

What we DON’T know is what will happen when you’re surrounded by a constant onslaught of low levels of these beams, day in and day out, from cell towers. 

Experts fear that 5G will put the nervous system, reproductive organs, and even eyes in the crosshairs. 

And it will be even worse for those of us on the older side… AND our children and grandchildren. 

The exposure to 5G is so troubling that countries like Switzerland, Italy, and even Russia and China have placed national limits on it 

But not here. 

The good news is that the squeaky wheel truly does get the grease. Citizens of a California city caused such an uproar that 5G technology has actually been outlawed.  

One city may not stop the feds in their tracks… and the train may have already left the station… but that doesn’t mean you can’t help slam on the brakes. 

The non-profit Environmental Health Trust has a number of ways you can take action in your own city.  

And the sooner, the better.