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Why have the feds FORSAKEN this tribal ‘mountain medicine’?

It may be summertime…. 

But certain ailments NEVER take a vacation. 

Whether it’s a head coldhay fevercoughor even asthma… you won’t catch a break just because the weather is warm. 

Now is not the time to curl up under a blanket and hide from the world. 

You need to get back out into that sunshine! 

Fortunately, there’s a natural decongestant that’ll clear your lungs… and WON’T knock you out.  

This mountain plant has been used extensively in “Indian medicine” 

And a long time ago, it was even HERALDED by the mainstream! 

But I GUARANTEE your conventional doc has NEVER heard of it.  

An American ‘breathing herb’ 

When President Teddy Roosevelt signed the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 into law, it was to validate claims made by so-called “medicines” and their salesmen.  

If a product was guaranteed by the FDA, you could be sure it wasn’t snake oil.  

It was pureunadulterated… and therefore safe 

The law was SUPPOSED to keep poisons off the shelves. But the pharmaceutical industry wasn’t quite as BIG back then as it is today.  

And the “FDA” guarantee actually meant something. 

One of those drugs embraced by the mainstream in early 20th century was Jerome Blanchard’s Colorado Cough and Catarrh Root 

By then, it had already earned a worldwide reputation for its curative powers. 

Its main ingredient? The root of the osha plant (Ligusticum porteri) 

Osha looks like parsley… and smells like spicy celery 

Bears LOVE its taste so much, Native Americans nicknamed it bear root. 

Many tribes STILL prize it as a powerful medicine, including the Navajo and the Apache tribes of Arizona and New Mexico 

So, the mountain bears of the western and southwestern U.S. introduced osha to the natives… who introduced it to the white man… who got it rubber-stamped by the feds. 

But what happened to it since then? 

Fortunately, it hasn’t gone anywhere. You can still get it.  

But it’s no longer acknowledged by the mainstreamwhich has TURNED ITS BACK on this herbal cure. 

The science on it hasn’t changed.  

Neither has the experience of those who’ve tried it, who can testify as to the following healing properties: 

  • antispasmodic: Eases cough by relaxing the smooth muscle in your bronchial passageways 
  • mucigenic: Stimulates mucus membranes of your throat and nose, making coughs and nose-blowing more productive.  
  • analgesic: Relieves the pain of a sore throat and irritated airways 
  • anti-inflammatory: Takes the swelling and redness out of your throat and “air tubes.” 
  • bronchodilator: Helps you breathe more deeply.  

The key to its healing action and symptom relief appears to be the plant compound Z-ligustilide, which studies have shown to reduce inflammation and ERASE pain 

Don’t try to forage for osha in the wild – it looks too similar to poison hemlock for anyone other than an herbal expert to identify. 

If you can get osha root from a reliable source, you can make it into a tea with boiling water chew it… or inhale it.  

It might be easier to find essential oils, cough syrups, and throat lozenges containing osha root. 

Just be sure it’s “true” osha… and not one of its cousins.