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Big Pharma’s plant-based heart drug is NO hero – it’s a KILLER!

When your pulse is weak… your body gets deprived of energy-giving blood… and YOU become frail. 

But congestive heart failure is a paradox. 

Because your heartbeat could run off the rails one minute and stop altogether the next. 

Your doc will promise you that he can regulate your heart rhythm with medicine. 

And don’t worry because that drug is derived from a FLOWER! 

But beware of this wolf in sheep’s clothing… because it could take a HUGE bite out of your health.   

Avoid this plant like the plague 

If you were to believe the mainstream (and I don’t recommend it), you’d get the WRONG idea about integrative medicine. 

It’s not that we think that ALL drugs are bad… and ALL plants are good. 

In fact, some plants are very, VERY bad… and you should stay FAR away from them. 

One of them is known as foxglove (Digitalis lanata), named for its “finger-like” flowers 

British botanist William Withering is credited for “discovering” the plant’s effects on the heart, which he first published in 1785. 

In 1930, the drug digoxin (brand name Lanoxin) was first isolated from foxglove 

And ever since, it’s been used in congestive heart failure patients to strengthen the pumping of their weakened hearts… and to correct abnormal heart rhythms, particularly afib 

When contraction power is increased… the force of your heartbeat is strengthened… and more blood flows throughout your body 

There’s just one problem… 

The ENTIRE plant is toxic! 

The plant glycosides that work on your heart are POISONS… and foxglove contains more than 70 of them 

Since ancient times, humans have taken advantage of the toxic nature of these compounds to kill others… and themselves 

We’ve used the plant’s crude extracts as arrow coatings AND rat poisons!  

Don’t think that the pharmaceutical version of digoxin is any safer. 

Today, the heart drug is STILL extracted from the foxglove plant 

No wonder it’s got a high potential for serious side effects, which can include: 

  • heart palpitations 
  • shortness of breath 
  • sweating 
  • fainting 
  • hallucinations and confusion 
  • depression 
  • fatigue or weakness 
  • vision problems 
  • and more. 

This just shows how deranged Big Pharma is. 

Out of ALL the healing plants at its disposal… it chooses one of the most POISONOUS?! 

The mainstream hails digoxin as an ESSENTIAL medicine… while it BLACKLISTS so many SAFE, natural cures? 

My God, digoxin is SO toxic, it’s used to kill fetuses in late-term abortions 

Now, maybe there was something to what Dr. Withering found back in the 18th century.  

After all, foxglove was but one ingredient in an herbal blend used as part of a secret family recipe.  

He singled out foxglove as the “active ingredient”… with NO regard for the “entourage effect” of the various herbs combined together. 

It’s possible that one or more of those other herbs might’ve offset the toxic effects of foxglove.  

But we might never know… because the rest of those cardiotonic herbs have been FORGOTTEN. 

The silver lining in all this is that the mainstream is starting to WAKE UP to the dangers of digoxin… and move away from using it on heart patients. 

Unfortunately, that means it’s being replaced by OTHER drugs beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, and calcium channel blocking agents – with their own risks and side effects 

If you’ve been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, work with an integrative doc on incorporating natural drug alternatives like arjuna bark into your routine. 

And if you’re struggling to normalize your heart rhythm, eliminate afib triggers like MSG and alcoholic beverages.  

Lowering your blood pressure naturally will also reduce your risk of an afib attack.