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Could your dementia risk be JACKED UP by one of these meds… even at the LOWEST dose?

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy 

Feeling down? Take an antidepressant 

Incontinent? Take a bladder control pill. 

In pain? Here’s an anti-seizure med 

But those drugs can make you feel FOGGY and FORGETFUL. 

Show the slightest sign of cognitive impairment… and your doc will start throwing MORE drugs at you! 

And as it turns out, those might just put you on the fast track to developing dementia. 

After that, buckle up for more antidepressants and other drugs to control your behavior… and your MIND. 

Those drug-pushers are GIVING you dementia… and then TREATING your dementia with the SAME drugs that CAUSED it! 

Are these 4 types of drugs making you DEMENTED? 

In a new observational study involving folks 55 years and older, researchers out of the UK dug deeper into the drugs that have been linked to dementia for YEARS now. 

They’re called “anticholinergics” – and they work by blocking the brain chemical acetylcholine 

Sabotaging this particular neurotransmitter may APPEAR to have some benefit on the surface…  

But chronic cholinergic depletion could WRECK your brain.  

And according to the latest findings, the stronger the drug… the more severe the damage. 

It turns out that four classes of strong anticholinergic drugs pose the greatest risk: 

  1. tricyclic antidepressants 
  2. antipsychotics, often given to older folks with delirium and dementia  
  3. anticonvulsants, used as mood stabilizers and pain relievers, and  
  4. antimuscarinics for overactive bladder and Parkinson’s disease. 

The known short-term side effects of these drugs include confusion and memory loss 

But over the long term, the impact is more alarming. 

Take any one of these types of drugs every day… for just three years… and your odds of developing dementia can spike by 50%. 

And in the study, most folks weren’t just taking ONE anticholinergic drug…

They were taking SIX or more of them! 

Now, that statistic is based on taking the minimum effective dose recommended for seniors.  

In real life, most older folks are taking MUCH higher doses 

Some are even MAXING out on how much they can take!  

There’s another snag in the research… 

The study’s authors admit that these drugs could’ve been prescribed FOR early signs of dementia (though none of the patients had been “officially” diagnosed). 

And that’s true – because ALL of the above drugs associated with the skyrocketing risk are GIVEN to patients with signs of dementia! 

Which came first… the drug or the dementia? 

It could go either way. 

Scientists have only just started to “research” the effect of deprescribing these drugs. 

Don’t wait for them… and don’t take any chances.  

If you’re taking any drug with a high anticholinergic burden”… or that’s considered a “high-potency” or “strong” anticholinergic… work with your doc to get off of it NOW 

It’s likely that there are alternatives that will work – and not just a weaker anticholinergic drug or a non-anticholinergic drug. 

How about NO DRUGS AT ALL?! 

A doc well-versed in integrative medicine can recommend natural pain relieversmood boostersurinary support formulas… and ways to manage motor issues linked to Parkinson’s.