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Keep toilet troubles at bay with this cooling, sacred fruit

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is one of the most common chronic inflammatory diseases out there… 

And yet most conventional therapies can only hope to CONTROL the SYMPTOMS. 

They do NOTHING to heal the delicate tissues inside your gut… or address the inflammation that’s got you either backed up or constantly running for a toilet. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to PURIFY your lower GI tract and put out the flames that are wreaking havoc in there. 

Southeast Asians have used this exotic fruit for THOUSANDS of years… but it’s been entirely NEGLECTED in this country! 

Here’s what Americans with IBD are missing out on… 

A tropical GI tract tonic 

I GUARANTEE that there’s one type of citrus you’ve NEVER heard of…  

Even though MILLIONS of people throughout the Indian subcontinent have SWORN by its healing power.  

Known as bael (Aegle marmelos), this forgotten fruit’s shell is so hard, you’d need a machete to crack it open. 

The people of India know that it’s worth the effort. 

In fact, Hindus consider it sacredan incarnation of Parvati, the goddess of divine strength and power 

In one village in Eastern India, bael fruit is most prized as an ingredient in a cooling digestive tonic drink called Bela Pana 

On its own, it’s even more powerful. Not only can it beat back constipation… but it can also put a cap on diarrhea, even when it’s so bad that you’re bleeding out of your “other end.” 

When you’ve got IBD, your body may switch back and forth between the two poop problems… 

And either way, you’re MISERABLE. 

Having just ONE remedy that could cure BOTH conditions would be a godsend. 

But you don’t need to pray for it… because it already exists. 

You can find two main components in bael fruit that contribute to this “double duty”: 

  1. pectin, a soluble fiber that can keep your stool moving down and out 
  2. tannins, whose astringent (a.k.a. drying) quality can beat back diarrhea 

But the frequency and quality of your bowel movements is just ONE aspect to the severity of your IBD. 

And bael does more.  

A 2013 study out of India found that bael fruit extract can not only NORMALIZE bowel movements that have gone haywire… but also REPAIR a damaged colon 

But that wasn’t just a one-time fluke in a lab.  

In a 2012 study on rats, researchers out of India found that bael fruit extract decreased intestinal inflammation.  

And the bigger the dose, the better it worked. 

It also helped stave off increased gut permeability – an all-too-common occurrence in IBD patients. 

Finally, bael is also an immunity booster – which is essential in treating any chronic inflammatory disease 

If ANYONE in this country has ever heard of bael, it might be by the name “Bengal quince.”  

In Sanskrit, it’s known as bilva or bilwa 

Ideally, you’d eat it fresh when it’s in season 

But since the fresh fruit will be IMPOSSIBLE to find in your local produce aisle, dried fruit – including in powdered form – will suffice. 

Too much of it may cause the opposite of your desired effect… so be sure to check with an Ayurvedic practitioner for the best dosage for you.