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‘Spruce’ up sore, stiff muscles with this Norwegian forest secret

Your muscles are sore… and tied up in knots. 

You’ve tried hot showers… heating pads… and even those electric massagers they sell at the mall. 

They might make you feel better for a little while… 

But once you get back to your daily routine, you’ve tightened right back up.  

You don’t want to dope yourself up on muscle relaxant drugs. You’ve got places to go… and people to see! 

The only problem? Your doc has got NOTHING else to offer you.  

There is something that’ll do the trick – you just won’t find it in ANY pharmacy in this country.  

In remote parts of Europe, babushkas venture into the forest to forage for it! 

Here’s how you can get this folk remedy… and try it for yourself.  

A nearly-lost ‘tree trick’ 

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been extensively researched in the modern era.  

And NUMEROUS scientific studies have validated therapeutic practices that date back THOUSANDS of years. 

Traditional European Medicine (TEM) is a different matter entirely. 

Contemporary scientists have BARELY explored the folk medicines from Western countries! 

They’ve dismissed them as “wives’ tales”… and IGNORED the evidence that they WORK.  

Some of these are traditions that may have been handed down from our European ancestors…  

They might’ve even brought them to this country. 

But our knowledge of this “ethnomedicine” – which was ONCE passed on from generation to generationis becoming EXTINCT.  

Take, for instance, the Norway spruce tree (Picea abies) 

This conifer THRIVES in the woodlands of Northern and Central Europe, where it’s cultivated as a Christmas tree 

But it’s also a CRUCIAL component of the traditional medicinal practices of: 

  • Nordic countries like Finland, Sweden, and of course Norway  
  • Austria  
  • Bosnia, Slovenia, and other Balkan states, and  
  • Russia. 

The oral traditions of each of these European regions mentions the Norway spruce for its ability to support the respiratory and musculoskeletal systems 

And the key to its healing power… including relieving muscle aches and stiffness… is its anti-inflammatory action. 

The essential oil (a.k.a. pine oil) from fresh spruce tips contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds known as monoterpenes (notably, bornyl acetate, pinene, phellandrene and camphene). 

Now, the inflammatory process can be pretty complex… 

But it appears as though Norway spruce beats back inflammation by inhibiting two factors: 

  1. the nuclear factor NF-κB pathway, which is involved in the induction of a variety of pro-inflammatory genes 
  2. the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α. 

You can find Norway spruce essential oil on its own to include in your own ointments or creams. Be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation 

It’s also included as an ingredient in a Bosnian balm called “Mehlem, which you might be able to find online (or on your next European vacation).  

Note that Norway spruce is for external use only. Don’t try to ingest it!