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RECLAIM your precious memories with this Indian ‘brain powder’

Your memories start to fade… and you wonder how far down the rabbit hole you’ll go. 

Will you lose your mind entirely? Will you forget EVERYTHING you hold so dear? 

The onset of memory loss isn’t just anxiety-provoking… 

It’s downright DEPRESSING.  

But there’s a way to reduce mental fatigueimprove mental clarity… and REJUVENATE your mind 

This calming flower can help you reach your FULLEST mental potentialand build a floral fortress around your precious memories.  

Here’s why the people of India have some of the lowest rates of memory loss in the world.  

Power up your memory 

Shankhapushpi is an herbal nerve tonic enhances mental performance.  

Ayurvedic medicine has used it for CENTURIES… and considers at least seven different plants to be shankhapushpi.  

They’re all in the morning glory family (Convolvulaceae) 

But the blue-flowered Evolvulus alsinoides may be one of the most common of themAND most powerful. 

Known as the slender dwarf morning glory,” it actually grows right here in the American South in such states as Texas, Alabama, and Florida. 

It’s not native to India. In fact, international traders probably BROUGHT it there four or five centuries ago from South America 

And ever since, practitioners of Ayurveda have considered it a SACRED flower.  

It can help you: 

  • MAXIMIZE cognitive performance 
  • REMEMBER more 
  • CONCENTRATE better 
  • STABILIZE mood swings. 

In a 2009 animal study out of India, two doses of Evolvulus alsinoides extract significantly REVERSED drug-induced memory loss 

This neuroprotective herb not only improves circulation, bringing more healing blood and life-giving oxygen to the brain cells that need it most… 

It also SLAMS the brakes on brain aging and actually helps grow NEW BRAIN TISSUE. 

Because most of our evidence so far is experience-based, we don’t know exactly how shankhapushpi turns your mind into a steel trap. 

But its potent antioxidant activity – and its alkaloids shankhapushpine and evolvine – likely plays a big part.  

Shankhapushpi also contains several compounds known as coumarins, like scopoletin… which have shown cognitive-enhancing powers in other studies.  

You can get shankhapushpi as an herbal powder on its own… or as an ingredient in herbal formulas for brain and memory support 

Because translating from Sanskrit and Hindi into English is an inexact science, you might see it spelled “shankhpushpi or even “sankhapuspi” on the label.  

Another common source of this herbal remedy is the morning glory plant Convolvulus pluricaulis