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[Attn Cancer Patients] IGNORED vitamin REVERSES nerve damage… and sends your mood and energy SOARING

When you’re battling cancer, you might not succumb to the disease… but to the TREATMENTS! 

It’s no wonder that more and more cancer patients are turning their backs on traditional therapies like chemo and radiation. 

But that’s not the answer for everybody.  

And if you choose to go the conventional route, you need a survival kit to keep you from QUITTING your treatments… before they KILL you first. 

We’ve made great strides in establishing intravenous vitamin C therapy as an adjunct to the POISONS they’ll pump into you… and the rays they’ll BURN your tumors with 

But there’s another vitamin hero you need to know about. 

Your body can’t produce it… but it can absorb it from the food you eat.  

MOST people get enough of this vitamin from a healthy diet… 

But when you’ve got cancer, you’re not “most people.” 

And older folks have a hard time keeping their levels of this vitamin optimal.  

Here’s what the mainstream has YET to grasp about this essential vitamin… and how it can help you SURVIVE your treatments.  

The B vitamin that’s been misunderstood for nearly 90 years 

Vitamin B6 was first discovered all the way back in 1932…  

And yet most conventional docs STILL haven’t got A CLUE as to what it can do for you.  

Mainstream scientific research has only scratched the SURFACE in terms of tapping into its potential!  

We know that this vitamin’s primary purpose is to maintain healthy nerves, skin, and red blood cells. 

That may sound like it has NOTHING to do with cancer… 

But in reality, it’s quite the opposite. 

Because if you’re undergoing certain traditional cancer therapies… like chemo and radiation… vitamin B6 can help you overcome their side effects 

For instance, the chemotherapy drug vincristine is known to cause neuropathy in cancer patients… 

But vitamin B6 may help REVERSE that nerve damage! 

A 2012 study found that B6 reduced the incidence of drug-induced hand-foot syndrome associated with the chemo drug capecitabine 

And because the side effects were eased… the cancer patients didn’t have to back off their chemotherapy.  

Unfortunately, all of the studies on B6 and cancer treatment side effects so far have been small and limited.  

The mainstream has taken that as PROOF that B6 doesn’t work! 

But cancer patients who feel better say otherwise.  

And if you know ANYTHING about the way vitamin B6 works, its ability to protect you from mainstream cancer treatments is a NO-BRAINER 

Science has already shown that vitamin B6: 

  • PROTECTS your nervous system, which might help reduce the severity of “chemo brain. 
  • EXTINGUISHES inflammation, which can degrade your B6 supply. 
  • STRENGTHENS immunity 
  • CALMS nausea and vomiting 
  • STIMULATES appetite 
  • BOOSTS mood, by helping increase the production of your “happy hormones,” serotonin and dopamine, especially if your B6 levels are already low. 
  • PROMOTES sleep and MAINTAINS energy, by helping your body make the “sleep hormone,” melatonin and keeping anemia at bay. 

It’s worth noting that pyridoxine HCL is the inactive form of vitamin B6 – and often the form used in studies.  

When that doesn’t work, the most active form of it — pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (PLP) – might.  

Feeling better is all the proof you’ll need. 

And some studies have even found that low levels of B6 may increase your risk for developing cancer! 

Don’t take any chances… 

Make sure your cancer diet includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, and fish – all great dietary sources of B6. 

This vitamin may interact with some cancer drugs, including altretamine and cisplatin, so check with your cancer doc before trying it.