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FLUSH bathroom troubles down the toilet with this nutty folk cure

If you’re having trouble emptying your bladder completely… or getting up in the middle of the night “to go” but coming up with nothing at the toilet… it can be absolutely MADDENING.  

Whether you’ve got an infectionprostate problems… or some urinary obstruction… you might feel like you’re DROWNING in your own pee. 

And the longer you go without “going, it’s hard to think about ANYTHING else.  

Fortunately, there’s a natural way to PURIFY your urinary tract… and make your pee problems DISAPPEAR! 

It’s an “Old World” herb that’s been used in nearly EVERY ancient medicinal practice…  

And among those who’ve struggled to work properly “down there,” it continues to reign as a folk hero 

Let it all out 

The ancient people of India first noticed gokshura fruit (Tribulus terrestris) sticking into the limbs of their sacred cows in pasture 

In Sanskrit, “kshura” means scratcherand in English, it’s earned the nicknames of “devil’s eyelashes and “puncture vine. 

Its fruit is actually a nut – or, rather, a cluster of small nuts. 

They’re spiky like burrs… and can stick to the fur of grazing sheep… and your bare feet. 

From the looks of them, you’d NEVER think that these nutlets would hold the power to make ALL your urinary problems go away! 

Siddha medicine has used gokshura to help expel kidney stones for AGES…  

But the fruit can be found in remedies throughout classical Arabic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda 

It is an essential component of a medicinal formula known as Gokshuradi Guggulu, which Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe to support urogenital function and to remove urinary stones 

  • diuretic: promotes the healthy flow of urine 
  • anti-inflammatory: soothes the membranes of the urinary tract by inhibiting COX-2 (the same target for many NSAID pain relievers) 
  • tonifying: encourages the proper function of the smooth muscle of the kidneys and bladder (which helps push stones out) 
  • antiseptic: staves off urinary tract infections and disinfects your entire urinary system.  
  • stress reliever: nourishes your adrenal glands 

A 2012 study out of India found that its diuretic activity was comparable to that of the prescription med frusemide 

Because of its high levels of potassium salts, gokshura’s interactions with blood pressure meds – including diuretics – can be dangerous.  

Check with your doc before trying it. 

You can get gokshura on its own as an organic fruit powder… or as an ingredient in kidney support and men’s support formulas 

It’s incredibly safe… but it does have one notable side effect. 

It may boost your libido