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PULL the PLUG on cancer with this ‘forbidden fruit’ of the Pacific

Some of our fellow Americans live to eat… 

But ancient wisdom tells us that we should EAT to LIVE.  

And it’s not just to get the energy we need to accomplish our daily activities.  

Because sometimes, the BEST way to get the medicine we need is through natural, healing foods.   

There’s one superfruit in particular that’s been HOARDED by Pacific Islanders for thousands of years… 

But now that it’s finally made it to our shores, the NAYSAYERS don’t want you to even TRY it! 

If you’re struggling with cancer… and your traditional treatments are sucking the life out of you… here’s an “island secret” that’s proven its value IN SPADES through real-world use. 

A volcanic island treasure 

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a small, evergreen tree found in the Pacific Islands  

Historically, it’s known as a canoe plant” — typically taken by Polynesian explorers and spread throughout the world via boat. 

Now, you can find the noni tree growing everywhere from Hawaii to Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.  

No matter which island you find it on, it’ll probably be THRIVING on volcanic terrain, like lava flows. 

Ancient Polynesians believed that noni was a gift from their goddess of volcanoes, Pele 

And that’s how it became a STAPLE of their folk medicine traditions over 2,000 years ago.  

Although they use the leaves, flowers, stems, bark and roots for healing… the noni fruit packs the biggest anticancer punch 

No one favors for its flavor, that’s for sure. It’s barely palatable.  

But what’s kept it around for millennia is what it can DO for you: 

  • DETOXIFY cells with the help of an enzyme known as quinone reductase. 
  • FIGHT inflammation, through the pathways of such cancer-related signaling molecules as NO and PGE(2). 
  • BOOST immunity, thanks to its rich content of vitamin C and an immunoregulatory coumarin called scopoletin. 
  • STOP and REPAIR cellular damage, through the antioxidant activity of such compounds as beta carotene, iridoids (like deacetylasperulosidic acid and asperulosidic acid), and vitamins C and E. 

A 2016 in vitro study out of India, noni fruit extract SLAMMED the brakes on cell growth and replication in two different breast cancer cell lines 

It turns out it induces the activity of a protein-based enzyme called caspase – and that’s what sends out the signal for programmed cell death, a.k.a. apoptosis or “cell suicide.” 

Noni seeds and leaves also contain aromatic compounds that might have anticancer properties, known as anthraquinones.  

And noni has been shown to help reduce pain and fatigue associated with advanced cancer AND improve physical function 

That ALONE would be a MIRACLE to any cancer patient! 

After performing a battery of safety tests, the European Union approved Tahitian Noni as a health tonic over 15 years ago.   

So why are the feds doing everything in their power to SUPPRESS it in this country… by calling it UNSAFE and UNPROVEN 

The ultra-mainstream American Cancer Society continues to DENY its health benefits… and the mainstream media insists on BLACKLISTING noni as “bad medicine.” 

I do have some good news… 

The National Cancer Institute has funded clinical trials to test treating cancer patients with noni extract. A Phase II clinical trial on prostate cancer patients is ongoing and active 

But you don’t have to wait for the results to come in to try noni yourself.  

As noni is usually blended with other, high-sugar fruit juices to cover up its somewhat putrid flavor… avoid the sugar bomb by taking dried noni extract in capsule form. 

Noni does contain potassium, so it could interact with BP meds.   

Check with your doc first to be sure it’s OK for you to consume noni.