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SHOCK your doc with your PERFECT skin, thanks to this biblical blend of herbs

When you’re struggling to control the silvery scales of a psoriasis flare-up, it can feel like you’ve been CURSED. 

But there’s no “black magic” involved.  

We’ve learned a lot about the scientific origins of the various types of psoriasis… and that means we know how to fix it 

There’s a hitch… 

Your doc will NEVER recommend the most effective… safest… or cheapest treatment.  

For that, we need to turn to the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic medicine 

That’s where you’ll find an herbal compound that can ease your symptoms AND address the root cause of your skin problems 

A psoriasis cure… from paradise? 

It’s hard not to think of some of these natural cures as a gift from God. 

We are truly blessed by these God-given remedies and therapies… and one that shows some great promise for psoriasis is no exception. 

Ancient practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine may have first formulated the herbal blend known as Panchavalkala 

But its ingredients date all the way back to the Garden of Eden. 

We know from the Bible that fig trees were part of this idyllic first setting for Adam and Eve… and that the pair used fig leaves to cover themselves after the Fall of Man. 

In the Panchavalkala herbal formula, you’ll find bark extracts from no less than FOUR different kinds of fig trees:  

  1. Sacred fig (Ficus religiosa)  
  2. Banyan fig (Ficus benghalensis 
  3. Cluster fig (Ficus racemosa) 
  4. Java fig (Ficus lacor 

Each of these types of fig trees can be natural healing heroes in their own right… 

But when combined, they make each other even more powerful. 

Now, traditional herbalists recommend Panchavalkala cream to those who need help healing wounds 

Anyone with psoriasis who’s experienced those dry, scaly patches knows that it feels like you’re COVERED in open wounds 

Not only can they get infectedespecially if you break the skin while scratching… but they can also be CAUSED by an infection! 

Some cases of psoriasis have been linked to strep throat and other Streptococcus bacterial infections… as well as fungal infections 

It’s a vicious cycle… 

Pathogens like these send your T cells into “attack mode but in some people, that immune response goes haywire and takes down healthy skin cells, too.  

When it comes to fighting infection, studies have shown Panchavalkala to have MULTI-DIMENSIONAL activity 

That means it can address both the CAUSE and the EFFECT of psoriasis, with significant reductions in: 

  • microbial load 
  • inflammation (swelling and redness) 
  • pain and tenderness 
  • dead tissue (that interferes with healing) 
  • and more.  

Now, Ayurvedic healers didn’t stop with just fig trees when they created this herbal blend. 

They ALSO included the bark extract of Thespesia populnea, known in this country as the portia tree 

In traditional medicine, this fifth ingredient is RENOWNED as an antipsoriatic WARRIOR, thanks to its antioxidant and antimicrobial actions.   

But good luck finding portia tree extract at ANY pharmacy in this country! 

Fortunately, Panchavalkala puts them all together for you in just the right amounts.  

Although you can eat some extracts of fig trees, Panchavalkala is for external use only.  

It comes as a powder (“choorna” or “churna”), ointment (“malahara”), or liquid extract (“kwatha”). A practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine can help you get it.