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DEFEAT the mortal enemy of brain function with this ‘wishing tree’

It’s a rude awakening. 

You have trouble remembering acquaintances… old friends… even loved ones. 

When you look in the mirror, you may not even recognize yourself 

When memory loss sets in… and you’re no longer the sharpest tool in the shed… all you pray for is just one more day as your old self 

Or that you could’ve had more time to save your precious memories before they were gone FOREVER.  

Well, there IS a way to protect your identity AND your independence… everything that makes you who you are. 

And it’s like a gift from the heavens.  

Here’s why people of faith on the other side of the globe WORSHIP a humble tree 

An everlasting, sacred tree 

The banyan fig (Ficus benghalensis) is the national tree of India, where it grows native. 

It’s prized for its ability to provide tremendous shade – even in the HOTTEST of summers.  

The Guinness Book of World Records reports that a banyan tree found in India is the largest tree in the world, with a canopy that covers nearly 5 acres. 

Some say that the tree’s growth is UNENDING.  

According to one of Alexander the Great’s admirals, just one banyan fig tree could shelter 7,000 men.  

Hindus consider the banyan tree so sacred – reportedly, it’s where you can find the god Krishna — that they often build their temples beneath one. 

They know it as the “wish-fulfilling tree”… and they pray to it for eternal life  

Ayurvedic medicine uses it to battle blood sugar problems 

And even the mainstream accepts that the leaves of this type of fig tree may be able to help folks with type 1 diabetes use insulin better 

Researchers have known for DECADES that it contains an antioxidant compound that can reduce blood sugar — a flavonoid glycoside known as leucocyanidin 

But the benefits of the banyan fig don’t stop there… 

Because it can also help save your precious memories. 

You see, one of your brain’s WORST enemies is SUGAR. 

Hyperglycemia can cause such cognitive impairment that we often refer to Alzheimer’s as “type 3 diabetes.” 

Now, banyan fig can be a powerful tool in lowering your blood sugar but it does more than that to boost your brain. 

It also: 

  • SCAVENGES free radicals 
  • REDUCES oxidative stress and cellular damage 
  • STIMULATES immune response 

And ALL of these activities are necessary to combat the complex and often misunderstood mechanisms behind Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  

Research shows that it works… 

In a 2016 study out of Nepal, consuming a root extract of the banyan fig tree enhanced the memory of mice in a lab.  

That report confirmed what researchers out of India had already found in 2013 

In that study, banyan bark extract improved the cognitive abilities of amnesia-induced mice… AND mice whose memory was impaired due to “old age.”  

Unfortunately, NOT ONE placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial (the “gold standard”) has tested banyan’s effects on memory retention in this country.  


Because those who control the purse strings in mainstream medicine REFUSE to fund one! 

In this country, you’ll only find the banyan tree growing in Florida… but don’t bother traveling to make a wish in person.  

You can find fig leaf tea at your local health food store… 

But to reap the BEST benefits of specifically the banyan fig tree, see an Ayurvedic medicine practitioner.