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REPAIR gut damage… and dodge colon cancer… without getting HOOKED on drugs!

Ulcerative colitis is mostly diagnosed in young people – but it’s a life sentence of a disease.  

That means if you’re a little on the older side, you could have been dealing with UC for DECADES! 

But there’s another spike in diagnoses — because first onset of UC has been hitting more and more people over the age of 60 

And that’s when it can become DEADLY.  

If you’ve been struggling to control this chronic inflammatory disease, you know that the best-case scenario is to go into complete remission 

But your doc will tell you the ONLY way to achieve that is to pump you up with steroid drugs. 

Once you start taking them, you’ll gain weightlose sleep… and watch your mood take a nosedive. 

Not to mention seeing a humiliating side effect known as “moon face, every time you look in the mirror.  

Fortunately, there’s another way to protect your gut – one that the mainstream has OVERLOOKED, despite its OBVIOUS potential as a cure for UC! 

A desert-dwelling gut doctor 

Corticosteroids have been the mainstream’s go-to drug for treating ulcerative colitis since the 1950s.  

It all started with cortisone 

But Big Pharma can NEVER leave well enough alone. 

Their steroids have gotten stronger… and UC patients have gotten more dependent on them.  

At the same time, the side effects seem to have gotten WORSE.   

God forbid anyone try to stop taking a steroid suddenly – they’ll find themselves with withdrawal symptoms! 

And that’s on top of the return of their UC in a flare-up 

Drugs like prednisone, hydrocortisone, and most recently budesonide have become mainstays in the mainstream treatment of UC… 

But their side effects are considerable… and often intolerable 

Fortunately, there’s a safe, natural alternative that shows TREMENDOUS promise in the steroid-free treatment of UC 

It’s been proven to cause less gastric damage than those other drugs.  

And if you’re struggling with ulcerative colitis, the LAST thing you need is MORE damage to your gut! 

You may have heard of the century plant (Agave americana)… or seen it growing in the wild in Mexico or adorning the front lawns of homes in the American Southwest.  

It gets its name because it can take a really long time to flower (though not quite 100 years). 

A beautiful and imposing succulent, its purpose extends way beyond the ornamental…  

Since the Aztec and Mayan empires, Central Americans have used its juice to treat skin wounds – like burns, minor cuts, and bug bites. 

A natural antiseptic, it works to heal INTERNAL wounds, too 

And that means ULCERS. 

A 2015 study found that Agave americana leaf extract reduced ulcer sores and gut damage and improved colon health… in rats that had been induced with ulcerative colitis. 

The results were on par with prednisone… but without the intolerable side effects.   

The key is in its rich content of a compound called hecogenin 

It’s a type of steroidal saponin – actually a precursor to pharmaceutical steroids! 

And together with other natural compounds, it helps make the century plant a soothing, healing tonic for your gut. 

It’s particularly helpful in cases of ulcerative colitis – an inflammatory bowel disease – as it: 

  • REDUCES inflammation 
  • BLOCKS pain, and 
  • FIGHTS cancer. 

That last one is especially important – because when your gut lining keeps getting injured over and over again, it puts you in the crosshairs for cancer, especially colon cancer. 

Yet they don’t teach ANY of this in medical school!  

Listen, if your ulcerative colitis is severe, you may still need steroids to resolve your symptoms completely. 

Even then, you should only take them for a short period of time – no matter HOW MANY refills your doc prescribes. 

Moderate cases, on the other hand, could be ERASED by this natural steroidal alternative! 

Hecogenin can be found in other Agave plants, including A. sisalana  

You should be able to find agave juice or extract at your local health food store. Don’t confuse it with agave syrup or nectar, which are used as sweeteners and won’t have the same healing power.  

Combine it with other herbal gut healers like Ficus religiosa and marshmallow, and be sure to take plenty of gastroprotective probiotic supplements