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Crazy Mexican fungus is a CANCER-CRUSHING triple threat

When your doc tells you that you’ve got cancer, it’s no time for throwing in the towel.  

That’s why too many cancer patients follow their doctors’ EVERY order… and get cut open, burned by radiation, or poisoned by chemo 

And they lose their quality of life in the process.  

But being proactive about your cancer treatment doesn’t have to knock you down for the count.  

There’s something else you can do – something your doc will NEVER recommend 

He’s probably never even heard of it… 

What was once considered an agricultural curse turns out to be a true nutritional blessing.  

Discover its cancer-fighting potential… and you’ll hit the jackpot  

One man’s menace is another’s medicine 

Huitlacoche isn’t just a Mexican delicacy.  

It could be the cure for cancer. 

But it comes from the most UNEXPECTED of origins. 

It’s actually a product of the fungus Ustilago maydis, which invades various types of native corn stalks.  

When water collects in the corn ear and ROTS the kernels, the fungus forms a gall – known by the unappetizing nickname,corn smut.” 

It was initially thought to RUIN corn crops… until somebody was brave enough to taste it. 

Turns out people LOVE eating the stuff – and not just in Mexico.  

This soot-colored gunk has won over celebrity chefs and proprietors of the chicest restaurants, even in New York City.  

It’s actually become a cash crop on its own… even MORE prized than uninfected corn! 

And now, Mexican farmers try to cultivate the infection more than the host.  

God works in mysterious ways 

Because if corn smut didn’t taste good, we might never have had the chance to discover its cancer-fighting potential.   

It forces the metabolic process inside the cob to change, creating new, healthier nutrients.  

And according to a 2010 study, many of those newly formed bioactive substances can protect you from cancer  

You won’t find these three cancer fighters in regular ol’ corn, but you will find them in protein-rich, high-fiber huitlacoche: 

  1. lysine: an essential amino acid proven to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer. Your body needs lysine, but it can’t produce it on its own.  
  2. beta-glucans: a type of immune-boosting soluble fiber with anticarcinogenic activity that protects against gastric and colon cancers. Huitlacoche contains more beta-glucans than any edible mushroom! 
  3. anthocyanin: a flavonoid that gives uncooked huitlacoche its bluish coloring. A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, this compound attacks cancer from nearly every direction – both in vitro and in vivo 

And yet American corn farmers are still treating it like a disease!  

American scientists are another story… 

THEY’RE using huitlacoche to research GMOs… instead of cancer cures! 

Fresh huitlacoche is superior to canned, but it’s nearly impossible to find here in the U.S.  

That may change in our lifetimes, as some states have already made it legal for corn farmers to intentionally infect their crops to yield this funny fungus.  

Unfortunately, the corn they’ll be growing it on won’t be nearly as nutritious as the colorful Mexican varieties of maize 

And it’s likely to be DOUSED with chemicals.  

If you go the fancy restaurant route, their menus may refer to huitlacoche as the “Mexican truffle” or “corn truffle.  

Like both mushrooms and truffles (distant relatives of “smuts”), this fungus has an earthy flavor that many enjoy in omelets, quesadillas, enchiladas, and tacos.