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Mainstream caught CONNIVING to get first ‘memory med’ in 15 years OK’ed

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, you know EXACTLY what type you’ve got… where it is… how it may progress… and how to treat it. 

With dementia, your doc will just shrug and say, “We don’t really know.”  

But what YOU know for sure is how you’re losing your precious memories… and your independence. 

And there’s NOTHING the mainstream can do change the course of your disease.  

Their hands may be tied behind their backs… but they’re STILL grasping at straws!  

Now, they’ve announced a NEW type of brain pathology   

It’s not Alzheimer’s, they say.  

And if you’re over age 80, you’re supposedly in the crosshairs for it. 

Don’t believe them. 

They’re playing a shell game… designed to make Alzheimer’s drug trials LOOK better than they actually are. 

Grasping at straws 

They’re calling it limbic-predominant, age-related, transactive response DNA binding protein43 encephalopathy – or LATE for short. 

And they’re saying that this “disease of very old age” is different than Alzheimer’s… and any OTHER form of dementia, too. 

That’s according to an international consensus working group, which assembled to identify a newly-recognized type of dementia. 

LATE shares some clinical features with Alzheimer’s disease: 

  • BOTH are associated with beta-amyloid protein “plaques” and “tangles” of tau protein 
  • Each can manifest with the SAME cognitive disturbances 
  • They share the SAME risk factors 

But LATE is linked to problems with yet ANOTHER type of protein, TDP-43 – also found misfolded in the brains of patients with ALS.  

Misfolded TDP-43 is only found in select areas of the brain… and typically only in adults over age 80 

Now, there’s no doubt that there are MANY types of dementias… and you might get diagnosed with one subtype when you actually have another.   

There’s no surefire way to know… until an autopsy can be performed. 

That’s why this latest announcement is so alarming. 

It’s true that you can be cognitively impaired and NOT have Alzheimer’s – but according to researchers, you could have LATE and ALSO have Alzheimer’s. 

By treating LATE as a separate disease, this working group is trying to kick the “oldest of the old” patients out of clinical trials for Alzheimer’s drugs.  

Otherwise, they’ll “never be able to get Alzheimer’s clinical trials to work.”  

That’s what Peter Nelson, MD, PhD, of the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging at the University of Kentucky in Lexington told MedPage Today.  

He’s not even HIDING how they’re trying to COOK THE BOOKS! 

Make no mistake… 

If you treat patients for Alzheimer’s disease with a drug… and they don’t get better that DOES mean the Alzheimer’s drug is NOT working! 

In fact, NONE of Big Pharma’s drugs have “worked” on Alzheimer’s patients.  

And it’s been 15 years since they’ve even been able to get one approved.  

Big Pharma has NO IDEA what causes Alzheimer’s. They’re just shooting in the dark. 

According to Dr. Reisa Sperling, director of the Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, The field is desperate, and we all want something to work.” 

But as desperate as these times are, the measures recommended by this latest report are a little TOO extreme.  

Some of the most groundbreaking therapies for cognitive issues have some out of integrative medicine. 

If you’re struggling with memory impairment, talk to your doc about REAL brain breakthroughs, including: 

  • natural antivirals like tansy, as Alzheimer’s may be caused by a herpes simplex virus 
  • anti-inflammatory compounds, including the silkworm enzyme serrapeptase 
  • sulforaphane, the broccoli compound that’s been shown to ease the symptoms of dementia 
  • brain nutrients like citicoline 
  • and more.