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[Senior Alert] Fight mainstream MIND CONTROL with this ‘clarity compound’

It’s one of the most terrifying things that can happen to you while you’re in the hospital.  

You don’t know where you are… and you might not even recognize your own children and grandchildren. 

You’re at your most vulnerable … 

But when you cry out, you don’t get REAL help. You just get pumped full of drugs 

And those just make you lose touch with reality even MORE. 

Too many older folks in long-term care NEVER snap out of it.  

Because the meds they’re given to “calm down” when they’ve got delirium… or even dementia… may only make the situation WORSE. 

And once a nursing home puts you on a drug routine, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get off of it. 

Fortunately, there’s another way… 

It turns out that a compound found in an everyday vegetable can REVERSE the psychotic episodes associated with being drugged up… in an unfamiliar place… and surrounded by people you don’t know.  

A ‘sprout’ alternative to antipsychotics 

Under the right circumstances… even the MOST SANE person could go a little “psycho. 

That’s why you need to introduce your loved ones to something that could save your sanity, should you ever find yourself in the hospital or a nursing home 

And if you’re a caretaker of someone who’s a little on the older side, here’s the latest you need to know about this DRUG-FREE “reality check. 

Researchers out of Johns Hopkins right here in Baltimore have found that sulforaphane – a compound found in “cruciferous” veggies – could potentially be used as an alternative to antipsychotic drugs. 

Now, the mainstream media has gobbled this story up, claiming that broccoli can cure schizophrenia 

You’re not schizophrenic. You may not have any mental disorder at all.  

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be given an antipsychotic at some point in your life! 

Those drugs especially haloperidol, a.k.a. Haldol are the ones most commonly given to patients who experience ANY form of delirium 

And they’re ALSO used to counteract cases of drug-induced psychosis. 

How typical! They use one drug to fix the problems caused by another. 

But antipsychotics can come with devastating cardiovascular risks (including arrhythmias)… AND debilitating side effects like “the shakes” (a.k.a. involuntary movements).  

And a shocking study out of The American Geriatrics Society revealed last year that those drugs DON’T EVEN WORK!  

Sure, they may “calm you down”… 

But they do NOTHING to shorten the duration of your symptoms… your stay in the ICU… or your overall hospitalization time.  

They don’t even stave off the onset of delirium! 

There’s something else antipsychotic drugs are used to treat… even though most of them have NEVER been approved for that use. 


Nursing homes have increasingly come to rely on drugging their patients who become agitated or aggressive – even though there are a MYRIAD of proven, non-drug ways to prevent those dementia-related behaviors! 

They’d rather keep you SEDATED. 

Sulforaphane works to alleviate schizophrenia because it addresses an imbalance of the neurotransmitter glutamate in the brain. 

And it turns out that this SAME BRAIN CHEMICAL has been implicated in cases of BOTH delirium AND dementia  

It should come as no surprise, then, that sulforaphane has been found to protect against neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.  

And if this “broccoli chemical” eases the psychotic episodes associated with schizophrenia… it’s no huge leap to say that it would do the same for another common cause of psychosis.  

That is, delirium. 

Sulforaphane is available in supplement form, either on its own or as part of a “green” or “cruciferous” formula.  

You may also find it packaged as a broccoli supplement or broccoli sprout extract.  

If you’ve got a “go bag” for emergency visits to the hospital, keep a full supply in it. 

And if you don’t have a go bag, it’s time to put one together and include all the natural therapies that a mainstream healthcare team will NEVER give you.