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KILL your cancer… and keep it from killing YOU… with this ‘famine food’

It’s one of the most common cancers with the highest mortality rate 

And if you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s not enough to stop the tumor from growing. 

You’ve got to make it IMPOSSIBLE for the cancer to survive… so you can GUARANTEE your own survival! 

Unfortunately, your cancer doc will pooh-pooh anything that won’t STUFF his pockets. 

But those mainstream cancer treatments don’t always measure up on their own. 

To vastly improve your chances, you need something else… 

If you really want to come out swinging in the fight against cancer, just do this ONE SIMPLE THING every day 

Good seed makes a good crop 

In 1952, a German biochemist named Dr. Johanna Budwig discovered how to beat back cancer… with the right kind of fat, in the PERFECT amounts.    

Mainstream oncology LOVES to insult Dr. Budwig… mostly because her namesake cancer protocol involves combining flaxseed oil with cottage cheese.  

Hey, it was the Fifties. 

They IGNORE the good principles of her diet – namely, the emphasis on healthy fats, high antioxidant foods, and probiotic-rich dairy. 

All of those aspects contribute to a wonderfully anti-inflammatory diet 

And when we’re talking about cancer, reducing inflammation through dietary changes is absolutely ESSENTIAL.  

Without Dr. Budwig’s groundbreaking work, we might’ve never focused on the anti-cancer power of flaxseeds and flaxseed oil. 

Now, flaxseeds are not only PACKED with flavor… but they’re also one of the world’s most nutrientdense seeds. 

German bakeries have kept their shelves fully-stocked with a flaxseed bread known as Leinsamenbrot FOR AGES.  

And according to historical accounts, flax has helped various cultures across the globe survive famine… since ancient times. 

But it’s two compounds in particular that make flax a cancer-fighting hero — phytoestrogens known as lignans and a type of fat known as alpha linolenic acid  

Together, these compounds help push flax to the top of the heap when it comes to combating cancer 

Now, it’s true that no large-scale clinical studies have proven that Dr. Budwig was right about the ability of flax to treat cancer in humans.  

But that’s only because none have been conducted! 

Nobody is going to get rich off a cancer cure made from a seed 

Sofrom DAY ONEDr. Budwig was blackballed by mainstream medicine around the world. 

But the power of flax to beat back cancer is UNDENIABLE… especially when it comes to breast cancer. 

A 2010 study on mice  showed that flax oil combined with the breast cancer drug trastuzumab promoted greater tumor regression compared with those treated with chemotherapy alone.  

With this combo, tumors SHRANK as much as 89%… while untreated tumors GREW by 187%.  

Another study on mice in 2010 found that flaxseed oil also ramped up the anticancer effects of the breast cancer drug tamoxifen 

But here’s the most important thing… 

When you’re living with breast cancer, flaxseed can extend your survival 

That’s right – it can keep your cancer from KILLING you.  

And that’s the thing we care most about.  

It’s not just breast cancer… 

Other studies have demonstrated great promise in flax’s ability to slam the brakes on melanoma and colon, lung, and ovarian cancers 

Studies on animals and human cancer cell lines have shown flax to be a CRUCIAL ALLY to a cancer patient, by: 

  • REDUCING inflammation 
  • DECREASING hormones (a.k.a. prostaglandins) that contribute to the formation of tumors 
  • PROMOTING a hostile environment around cancer cells by increasing intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) 
  • INDUCING apoptosis  
  • INHIBITING cancer cell growth  
  • STOPPING the spread (a.k.a. metastasis) of tumors, especially ER− breast tumors 

Despite all this, Dr. Budwig’s work has gone down in history AS A JOKE. 

Blame cottage cheese for falling out of favor in the last 60 years. If it ever comes back in fashion, maybe the mainstream will finally give Dr. Budwig her due.  

In the meantime, don’t wait to incorporate flax into your diet.  

And it’s as easy as can be.  

Consume one serving of flax in two different forms, once daily: 

  • 4 tablespoons of sprouted flax seeds that have been ground into seed meal or seed powder, and  
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil (a.k.a. linseed oil) 

You can mix that into your favorite fermented dairy (like kefir), as long as you keep it away from high heat.  

Talk to your cancer doc – ideally an integrative oncologist – about incorporating this routine into your treatment.  

Be aware that flaxseed can thin your blood and increase your bleeding risk, so don’t add it to your protocol right before surgery or if you are on blood thinner meds.