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Unlock the secrets of ETERNAL youth with this Middle Eastern ‘water’

With each year you grow older, the bullseye that’s hovering over you gets bigger and bigger.  

Even if you’ve managed to dodge the drug-pushers at your doc’s office and the pharmacy… 

There’s ANOTHER industry that’s got you in its crosshairs. 

The sad truth is that the “health and beauty” biz isn’t focused keeping you healthy… OR making you beautiful. 

It’s all about filling its own pockets!  

There’s a secret ingredient nearly ALL of those expensive anti-aging products use… and it’s one those corporate hacks NEVER wanted you to find out about.  

Because on its own, this edible flower is the key to youth that’s EVERLASTING 

An oasis for your face 

The damask rose (Rosa damascene) is widely cultivated throughout the Middle East, treasured for its beauty… and its cosmetic benefits. 

You might even find an extract of it as an ingredient in some of the most luxurious products at the cosmetics counter 

But you don’t need all those fillers that do NOTHING but drive the price of those creams and lotions up… 

Because rose water on its own is enough to ERASE the ravages of time from your face – and maybe the rest of your body, too.   

The “water” is actually a byproduct of making perfume out of rose oiland it contains a bit of the essential oil, too.  

It can also be created by steeping rose petals in water. 

The process was perfected by Islamic chemists in Medieval times. And even now, it’s STILL used heavily in many Middle Eastern cuisines – especially a confection known as “Turkish delight.” 

I GUARANTEE you’ve never tasted it here in the States  

NO ONE has – not since the mid-19th century, when rose water DISAPPEARED from all recipes for cookies and cakes.  

In baked goods, it was replaced by vanilla… 

But it’s retained its stronghold in toiletries and cosmetics 

The word “damask” refers to the city of Damascus in Syria, whose name loosely translates to mean a well-watered land. 

Although it’s now considered a desert, Damascus used to be surrounded by an oasis – which is how so many roses could grow there.  

It turns out the damask rose is a watery wonder in its own right, as it can hydrate your skinplumping up your wrinkles and returning your saggy, aging skin to its former youthful glow.  

It is, indeed, a powerful emollient but it doesn’t JUST moisturize and soften your skin.  

Rose water derived from the damask rose is a POWERHOUSE of skin-boosting activity, including: 

  • anti-inflammatory, to reduce redness 
  • antioxidant, which can regenerate skin tissues and repair damage – even from radiation 
  • genoprotective, as it’s been shown to shield human DNA from oxidative damage 
  • antibacterial, to aid in healing 
  • astringent, essential to tightening pores and toning skin 

But here’s what’s REALLY special about rose water… 

It inhibits two enzymes elastase and collagenase that break down elastin and collagen, your two most essential skin proteins 

And when you lose elastin and collagen, Father Times leaves his footprints on your face in the form of wrinkles 

Now, all of these properties have been well-established in the scientific literature   

And the benefits of rose water have been proven by AGES of real-life use by everyone from Cleopatra to the most glamorous Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet. 

But we’re only just BEGINNING to find out about its ability to reduce mortality… and even extend life 

You can thank the antioxidants in rose water… like terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, and anthocyanins… for the promise of an extended lifespan.  

Use rose water as a makeup remover, facial cleanser, or even a facial spritz… or get food-grade rose water to add to your favorite recipes.  

You can even drink it.