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Could your insides be COVERED in rust? Stave off damage with this ‘noble’ tea

If you have ANY circulation problems, it can wreak HAVOC throughout your entire body.

Unless your blood flow is PERFECT, you’ll take a hit to your heart… organs… and brain.

And you’ll SUFFER.

Your insides could literally RUST AWAY!

Just like your granddad’s old jalopy… or the nails sticking out of an old abandoned cabin.

Don’t treat your body like that.

You can keep your insides squeaky clean… and pave the way for your blood to flow freely….

And it’s as easy as sipping on a very special, rust-proofing kind of tea.


We know how healthy a cup of your standard, garden-variety black tea can be…

It contains powerful antioxidants (theaflavins and thearubigins) that can protect you from heart disease.

But there’s one very special tea that’s got a “secret weapon” for supporting healthy circulation… and delivering the nutrients you need throughout your body.

Like black tea, its leaves come from the “tea plant” (a.k.a.Camellia sinensis)…

But this special tea is actually a blend of different Chinese teas.

Named for the 19th-century English prime minister, Earl Charles Grey, it’s flavored with oil from the bergamot orange.

Bergamot is renowned as a “natural iron chelator”…

And that’s what makes Earl Grey tea one of the heart-healthiest beverages you can drink.

You see, we all need SOME iron. It’s CRUCIAL to our body’s processes of breathing and even making genetic material.

But if you get too much iron… and it accumulates in your body… it can SABOTAGE your circulation by damaging the vessels that transport oxygen through your bloodstream.

It also can DESTROY your DNA… shut your organs down… and even damage your brain.

The key is getting… and keeping… the balance JUST RIGHT.

You can’t just “pee” excess iron out. You’ve got to stop your body from absorbing too much of it.

And that’s where bergamot steps in.

It can slow your body’s uptake of iron from nearly every source – fruits, vegetables, dairy, and even iron supplements – and even SHIELD your body from iron-induced damage.

In a 2016 study out of Italy, researchers overloaded human lung epithelial cells with iron and then exposed them to bergamot juice extract.

The extract acted like a top-notch disaster response team, performing emergency triage to:

  • reduce the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), a normal byproduct of metabolism that can go haywire
  • stop existing ROS from damaging DNA
  • decrease lipid peroxidation, a marker of oxidative damage
  • improve cellular function at the mitochondrial level.

That means it can keep an overabundance of iron from KILLING the delicate cells in your vascular linings.

Now, it is possible to get too much bergamot oil. It contains a neurotoxin called bergapten that creates some unpleasant symptoms.

Fortunately, they’ll go away within a week of stopping your Earl Grey routine.

Bergamot can also work too well… and keep you from getting the iron you need.

So, you need just the right amount to keep the PERFECT balance of iron in your system.