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Flip the switch on gut troubles with this crazy ‘tongue trick’

If you struggle with poor digestion, it’s not just your stomach that gets upset.

You feel the gas and bloating in your lower gut… and the acid reflux coming up into your throat.

You could spend too much time on the toilet… or too little.

And you could even become malnourished!

It’s a bitter pill to swallow…

But popping one of those acid-blocking pills is NOT the “magic bullet” you hope it’ll be.

Fortunately, there’s one easy way to enhance your body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals… extinguish the burning… and REVERSE damage to your gut.

Here’s how to “prime the pump” of your entire digestive tract… by starting with your tongue.

Why you should target this 1 taste bud

Horehound (Marrubium vulgare) is an herb that’s been around since before the birth of Christ… and is featured prominently in the Old Testament.

Although technically in the mint family, it’s got a bitter taste

While your palate might take some time to get used to the flavor profile, plants that taste bitter are exactly what you SHOULD eat to manage indigestion.

And it’s all because of a crazy gut trick known as the “bitter reflex.”

It begins with your tongue, which can pick up on 4 taste sensations: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

Each has their own function…

But when your tongue’s taste buds sense bitter flavors, they set off a cascade of events necessary for PERFECT digestion.

The taste of bitter herbs actually flips your digestive switch to the “ON” position.

First, you’ll notice that chewing a bitter herb like horehound makes your mouth water. Saliva helps break down complex starches into smaller sugars for the rest of your gut to digest.

But saliva is just one crucial bodily fluid that helps break down the food you eat.

Once your tongue recognizes the bitter taste, it starts sending messages out to ALL your digestive organs to stimulate the production of other ESSENTIAL gastric juices, including:

  • hydrochloric acid, which prepares your stomach for digestion. HCl breaks down proteins… enhances the absorption of minerals from food… and helps destroy harmful microbes that can cause foodborne illness.
  • pepsin, an enzyme that works with HCl in the stomach to break protein molecules into smaller pieces.
  • bile, which is secreted by your liver and stored in your gallbladder. It carries waste away from your liver and helps digest fats in your small intestine.

It also instructs your pancreas to produce insulin and glucagon, two hormones that regulate blood sugar.

All of these mechanisms work together to detoxifyeradicate infections… and repair damage done to the delicate tissues of your gastric organs.

There’s a bonus function of this “bitter reflex”… and this might keep Big Pharma bigwigs up at night.

This “taste bud trick” also helps close your esophageal sphincter — the “valve” that prevents acid from refluxing.

Because for many folks who struggle with “heartburn,” it’s not a matter of having too much stomach acid…

They just need to keep it down in the stomach, where it belongs.

You can get white horehound fresh or dried… or in liquid form as an extract, tincture or pressed juice.

Eat or drink it about 30 minutes before a meal, so your gut has time to get ready for food.

You can also eat a salad of bitter greens first, as an appetizer.

Some people like to suck on horehound lozenges (or “drops”)… but you’ll want to avoid eating them like candy.

Just don’t bypass your taste receptors by taking horehound in capsule form!