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PREVAIL over sinus infections, cold, and flu with a flower-fueled TKO

If you’re prone to sinus infections, you can’t catch a break.

Every upper respiratory infection, cough, cold, and flu turns into a full-blown attack on your sinuses.

Your nose isn’t just stuffy… your WHOLE HEAD is congested.

And your face hurts, to boot.

Antibiotics often don’t work… and can even make the condition worse.

But the countryfolk in the remote, rural villages of Bavaria and beyond have a trick to surviving the winters that never seem to end… and the infections that never take a break.

You may have never heard of it until now…

But once you feel how quickly it works… you’ll never settle for anything less again.

A knockout punch

When it comes to knocking out the common cold and flu, the European elder tree (Sambucus nigra) lands a one-two punch.

Its fruit – the elderberry – is known for its ability to shore up your immune system and cut the severity and duration of whichever “bug” you catch.

But don’t forget the beautiful white blossoms that sprout from May to September!

Elder flower is even MORE powerful when it comes to putting a cold in its place.

The medicinal use of elderflower dates back to ancient Greece…

But it was traditional German medicine that established its healing properties throughout the world.

In the early 17th century, a German physician named Martin Blochwich published a 300-page handbook for countryside doctors and European villagers.

He called it The Anatomy of the Elder – and hundreds of years later, it has been translated into several languages and is still CRITICAL as a definitive reference today.

Based upon its long-standing use in relieving the early symptoms of a cold, elderflower has received the full support of the European Medicines Agency.

But when WE get the sniffles, our American docs RUSH to prescribe antibiotics!

If your nose is stuffy… your sinuses are swollen… and you’re feeling feverish… it’s elderflower TO THE RESCUE!

A 2009 study found that elder flower extract can ERASE flu symptoms… after just TWO DAYS.

That’s why a patented formula known as Sinupret has EIGHT DECADES’ worth of use under its belt in Germany.

It contains 36 mg of elderflower, along with other healing herbs like gentian root, verbena, cowslip flower, and sorrel.

Research shows that taking Sinupret combined with antibiotics improves recovery over taking antibiotics alone.

That’s right – it IMPROVES conventional therapy!

But as you know, most colds and even sinus infections are caused by viruses.

And antibiotics don’t do A THING to kill viral infections.

But elderflower has shown both antibacterial AND antiviral potential.

And while it beats back the infection… it can also bring nasal swelling down and even break your fever.

It can even bring relief from chronic sinus troubles.

You can also find the German product Sinupret right here in American pharmacies and online.

You can also brew elderflower as a tea… and drink a cup of it several times daily.

Use elderflower liquid extract as a soothing gargle for coughs, colds, laryngitis, flu, and shortness of breath.

You might find it sold under its synonyms “Sambuci flos” or “Flos sambuci” – both of which refer specifically to the flowers of the elder tree and not the berries.