[WARNING] Guys, this common med could HUMILIATE you

Gents, I’ve got a piece of advice for the next time your doc even MENTIONS the word “statins.”

It’s just two words.

Ready for it?


Run FAR away… as far as you can… as the latest research reveals a bizarre new risk for men.

This isn’t the most COMMON risk.

It’s not the most DANGEROUS risk.

But it’s quite probably the most HUMILIATING.

This eye-popping side effect is IMPOSSIBLE to hide

The new study finds men who take statins face a higher risk of “gynecomastia.”

That’s fancy medical-speak for something the rest of us know by a different name.


Taking these drugs can increase your risk of growing the wrong kind of pair by about 20 percent.

This isn’t the risk of OVERUSE, by the way.

This could happen with NORMAL use, at doses recommended by your own doctor.

The drugs can cut your testosterone, hitting below the belt… which leads to an imbalance with estrogen and that highly visible side effect above the belt.

“Clinicians should be cognizant of this effect and educate patients accordingly,” the new study urges.

So, um, just what kind of education would you give to your male patients???

How to tape down your man-boobs? How to get fitted for a bra? How to get people to stop staring at your cleavage and take you seriously?

Hey! My eyes are UP HERE!

Now, like I said, this isn’t the most common risk. That would be muscle pain, which can leave you doubled over in agony.

And as bad as they are, man boobs aren’t the WORST risk. That would have to be diabetes.

How terrible is that? The drug that’s supposed to cut your heart risk could instead give you a disease that’s murder on your heart.

So let’s just call this “yet another reason” NOT to take statins.

Whenever I knock these drugs, people ask me what they should take instead for cholesterol control.

That’s the wrong question.

We’ve been so brainwashed by drug companies that people now ASSUME lower cholesterol equals better heart health.

You know what happens when you assume!

This has NEVER been backed by solid independent scientific evidence.

The REAL question people should be asking isn’t what to take INSTEAD of a statin for cholesterol.

It’s what to take instead of a statin for genuine heart protection.

Now that we have the right question, here’s the answer:

  • 1,000 mg L-Carnitine
  • 100 mg Coenzyme Q10
  • 500-800 mg Magnesium
  • 400-800 IU Vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols)

Take fish oil… cut your carbs… and go for a walk each day… and you’ll get more protection from heart problems than you ever will from a statin.

And you won’t grow and “man boobs” in the process!