[Warning] Your cancer treatments could give you MORE cancer

When you’ve got cancer, you’ll do anything to make it disappear… FOR GOOD.

Your worst nightmare becomes the possibility of the cancer coming back.

Or, worse yet, spreading to another part of your body.

So, you let them cut you open… poison you with drugs… and burn the cancer out of you with radiation.

But there’s a dark secret behind all those cancer treatments.

They’ll tell you they’re your best – or even ONLY – option to get rid of your cancer completely.

Yet when your cancer returns (yes, WHEN)… the most likely culprit is the very treatment that should have made the disease go away.

A 5-year plan for SURVIVAL

It’s like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

You detect a lump in your breast… and you let your doc cut it out.

But that lumpectomy only removes the cancer cells that your doc can SEE and FEEL.

There can be OTHER cancer cells that remain untouched.

And while your immune system shifts its focus on healing the wound of your surgical incision… it turns its back on the cancer cells it was previously keeping in check.

Even just a brief distraction can cause other breast cancer cells to “wake up.” It’s a phenomenon known as “surgery-driven interruption of dormancy in breast cancer.”

The problem is that if your cancer recurs (say, another lump in the same breast), you’ll need MORE treatment.

But not just another lumpectomy. This time, they’ll remove the entire breast.

Even then, breast cancer can still return to the area.

This gets worse…

After a mastectomy, they’ll sign you up for radiation therapy to burn away any remaining cancer cells.

But radiation itself is carcinogenic. And it’s been linked to the development of lung cancer, sarcomas, and blood cancers.

Think chemo is any better?

Those cancer-killing drugs are an even GREATER risk factor in causing leukemia.

And the more chemo you get… over a longer period of time… the higher the risk.

Even tamoxifen, which lowers the risk of a second breast cancer, has been shown to increase the risk of OTHER cancers, including uterine.

Docs have tried to find ways around these risks. Some might give you chemo first to shrink a breast tumor before surgery, so you can opt for a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy.

But pre-operative chemo has been shown to make breast cancer spread far and wide throughout your body.

And once your cancer metastasizes, it’s incurable.

Every attempt to beat your cancer back only makes it progress further!

It’s not just breast cancer.

A 2018 study out of the National Cancer Institute found that chemo treatments for all but ONE type of solid tumor increases the risk of certain types of blood cancer.

And that secondary cancer can strike within five years… and prove lethal.

Before committing to any of these “scorched earth” approaches to fighting cancer, find out what the risks are.

See if you can opt for watchful waiting, which is often preferred for non-aggressive forms of breast and prostate cancer.

And explore natural cancer fighters that may help reduce the amount of chemo drugs necessary and the number of treatments.