Bladder problems disappear with crateva

It’s time to overthrow your bladder.

Because after you read this, it’ll no longer be in charge of your comings and goings.

What will you do with your newfound freedom?

Watch a movie without running to the bathroom…

Jump in the car and drive for hours to visit family out-of-state…

Run errands around town, knock out your grocery shopping, and even grab a coffee?

You can do it all — WITHOUT looking for the nearest restroom.

All you need is this ancient Indian herb that’s been practically COVERED UP in mainstream American medicine.

Until now…

Hold twice as much… without peeing

As you get older, the muscle fibers in your bladder lose strength and elasticity… and can no longer expand and contract like they used to.

It makes it hard to “hold it” like you used to.

That’s why HALF of older men AND women suffer some kind of pee problem.

But a miracle nutrient can revitalize bladder tone, strength, and elasticity.

It’s known as Crateva nurvala… or crateva for short. It’s a plant that belongs in the caper family.

Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) medicine has been using its dried bark for urinary health for ages.

It’s only found naturally on the other side of the world – but I’ll tell you how you can get it in a moment.

Crateva gives your bladder its full elasticity back, allowing it to stretch and expand to full capacity.

This means it can expand and contract the way it did during your younger days… DOUBLING your bladder capacity.

In other words, you’ll be able to go nearly five hours WITHOUT a bathroom break.

In one clinical study, volunteers who took a blend containing crateva reduced their frequency of urination by 63%.

It can even stave off those leaks that happen when you can’t quite reach the toilet in time…

No more dripping, and no more running.

Not just during the day… but at night, too.

And it could make your bladder problems DISAPPEAR within a couple short months.

Researchers think that what makes crateva so effective in reversing urinary issues is a compound called lupeol.

For the best results, look for a crateva supplement standardized at 1.5% lupeol.

You may find it in capsule or tincture form, sometimes labeled as “craeteva,” “Cratavin,” “varuna,” or the “three-leaved caper.”