Corporate-funded bugkiller BASHES brains… and the feds tried to HIDE it!

At last – some good news before the year is over.

We can now claim victory over one of the worst insecticides out there.

The feds TRIED to sneak it past us…

But now a federal appeals court has slammed down the gavel… and ordered the U.S. to stop selling chlorpyrifos.

The ruling isn’t just a WIN for us – and our grandbabies, whose brains can’t handle even the tiniest level of exposure.

It exposes yet another federal agency for the SHAM operation it is.

And it FINALLY exposes the TRUTH about a chemical with a darker history than you can imagine…

A poison gas only Nazis could create

There’s no way that EPA officials could’ve ever thought that chlorpyrifos was safe.

A 2012 study confirmed that exposure to the pesticide results in thinner brain tissuelower IQ… and behavioral changes.

And the effects are likely PERMANENT.

No less than nine EPA scientists confirmed its “potential adverse neurodevelopmental effects in infants and children” in an October 2015 report on prenatal exposure to chlorpyrifos.

But in 2017, the federal agency IGNORED all the scientific evidence… and REVERSED an attempt to ban the bugkiller.

Now it’s clear that by continuing to allow the poison to taint our food supply, the feds tried to put powerful polluters before the health of our children and grandchildren.

DowAgrosciences, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co., sells about 5 million pounds of chlorpyrifos a year as an agricultural pesticide.

And it’s doled out millions of dollars on lobbying in DC during the current administration.

The creation of the chemical in the 1960s helped Dow become the chemical giant it is today.

Chlorpyrifos (sold under the brand names Lorsban, Dursban, and others) belongs to a family of pesticides called organophosphates.

Its history is the stuff of nightmares.

Chemically, those pesticides are similar to the deadly nerve gasses secretly developed by the Nazis for World War II.

And as history has shown, the Nazis showed no mercy in their attacks.

Tabun and sarin are two the world’s most infamous organophosphate nerve gases, used by military forces from Nazi Germany to modern-day Syria.

They can take down a target in 20 minutes or less.

No doubt, chlorpyrifos is a KILLER CHEMICAL.

In the court’s opinion, there was “no justification” for the EPA to tolerate the use of chlorpyrifos in light of the scientific evidence that “its residue on food causes neurodevelopmental damage to children.”

Not only that, but it’s incredibly dangerous to the farmers who use it, as it can poison them when they ingest it… inhale it… or absorb it through their skin.

The EPA can appeal the court’s decision… but I don’t think the agency can convince any judge that it DIDN’T break the law.

Or that it hasn’t IGNORED studies that are strong enough to warrant banning chlorpyrifos.

The chemical has already been banned for residential use – but to strike it from your food supply, make sure you only buy organic fruits and vegetables.