NEW cholesterol scam is aimed at YOU… but you DON’T have to fall for it

They just don’t get it!

You’re in DESPERATE need of help to protect your aging ticker.

Maybe you have a family history of heart struggles. Maybe your pendulum stopped swinging once or twice already in a heart scare.

Or maybe you’re in perfect shape now, but just plum worried your luck will run out.

They should be giving you HELP based on the latest cutting-edge research.

Instead, they’re doubling down on the same failed approach that even many mainstream docs now admit was a HUGE mistake.

Just three little letters

Yes, they’re back on the cholesterol wagon.

Doesn’t matter that the wrongheaded approach to LDL has led too many people to RIP.

All that matters to THEM is that they’ve got a drug to sell – and by golly, they’re gonna push it until they’re LOLing all the way to the bank.

I’m here today with an FYI on three very DIFFERENT letters than can help Y-O-U.

These three letters can make a life-or-death difference in ways LDL never will – and it’ll ensure the old pendulum keeps swinging whether you’re at risk, or just want to make sure you never are.

I’ll let you in on the drug-free secret in just a moment.

First, I’ve got a warning that EVERY older American needs to see, as new guidelines will order your doc to not only keep pushing statins… but in many cases increase the dose AND order expensive heart scans to boot.

Then, IF you’re facing heart risk AND your cholesterol doesn’t come down enough, they’re supposed to push an expensive and dangerous new drug.

Spoiler alert: The test will GUARANTEE you’re “found” to be facing heart risk.

The fix is in.

And the LDL guidelines are so rigged it’s almost impossible to bring your cholesterol down “enough” to avoid the new drug.

Yeah, this just keeps getting better ’n’ better.

Well, better for THEM, since the new med is incredibly expensive and will fill the Big Pharma coffers with so much money their execs can swim around in it.

For you?

Well, I guess the good news is you won’t notice the price if insurance covers it.

The bad news is that you WILL notice the side effects

In one major study, 2 out of 3 patients who took it faced adverse events.

And for what?

Don’t count on this drug to save your life.

A study last year found they’d have to drug 74 people for TWO FULL YEARS to prevent a single event such as a heart attack.

If you want real protection, focus on three other letters instead: FMD.

That’s short for “flow-mediated dilation,” and it’s a highly sensitive marker of vascular health.A 2012 study found 25 mg of curcumin a day increases FMD by 1.5 percent over eight weeks.

That may not sound like much, but like I said this one is very sensitive – so sensitive that a change of 1.5 percent can cut your heart risk by a whopping 18 percent.

I’ve got three more letters for that: WOW!