Government cover-up! Popular diabetes drug linked to CANCER?!

When you get diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor can’t whip out the prescription pad fast enough.

He starts piling on the drugs… and he’ll tell you that all of these pills and injections are saving your life.

But that’s not the whole story…

Because one of the most popular new diabetes meds around has been linked to cancer.

Our own government knew about it for years… and did everything it could to keep you in the dark.

If it COULD, then eventually it WILL

The latest blockbuster diabetes drug, Ozempic, was linked to thyroid cancer when it was tested on mice.

According to the FDA, “It is not known whether this may occur in humans.”

And here’s the kicker… the feds don’t know because they didn’t wait long enough to find out!

A year ago, the FDA greenlit the injectable drug anyway.

Are you KIDDING me? Did we REALLY need a new diabetes drug so badly that we couldn’t wait to see if it was safe?

There are already DOZENS on the market! If you ever needed proof that the FDA is in Big Pharma’s pocket, this is it.

Meanwhile, Ozempic’s maker, Novo Nordisk, is spending a lot of money to turn the focus away from the threat to your thyroid

And it’s not holding back.

The resulting declares that Ozempic helps you than its main competitor.

And that it reduces the risk of major cardiovascular events if you’ve got diabetes and are already at risk.

But buried in all that back-patting is a stunning confession

After taking Ozempic, thyroid tumors are “possible.

You COULD get a lump or swelling in your neck… and experience hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath.

If you do, call your doc right away – because those are telltale signs of thyroid cancer.

It’s right there, .

Yet Novo Nordisk continues to claim that it doesn’t know if Ozempic WILL cause thyroid cancer.

But they admit that it COULD… and they know exactly the type of thyroid cancer it MIGHT cause.

Medullary thyroid carcinoma, or MTC for short.

Also known as C-cell thyroid cancer, it’s pretty rare.

So, if incidences rise with the widespread use of this new drug, we’ve got nothing else to blame.

But don’t go to any of its rival SGLT2 inhibitors, either.

Jardiance has been saddled with warnings and accusations of a “” of other adverse events (including !).

Invokana increases your risk of .

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