[Shocking Revelation] This secret WWII plot is STILL poisoning our food

It’s a line we’ve all been fed a thousand times…

Nobody likes covering our food with disease-causing pesticides – but our crops would be ravaged by locusts and other critters without them.

But what if that’s all one big LIE?

As our food is slowly poisoned… and doused with chemicals linked to diabetes, neurological problems, and CANCER… the REAL truth has been kept from all of us.

There’s only one reason why we started using pesticides in the first place.

The whole story traces its roots to World War II and a dreadful decision our government made to solve a supply-and-demand problem.

Now, the Feds have gotten in so deep… they’ll let commercial pest control KILL you before they admit we NEVER needed these poisons.

Living (and dying) in the ‘Chemical Age’

Throughout history, our soldiers in battle had to worry more about falling victim to typhus or malaria rather than a bullet or bomb.

That is, until World War II.

In 1939, a Swiss scientist named Paul Müller whipped up a way to kill disease-carrying insects with a chemical called DDT.

He won the Nobel Prize… and DDT seemed to work like a charm.

But when the war ended in 1945, we had a lot of it left over.

So, Uncle Sam shipped it off to our farmers to help them win a different battle…

Against the pests that were nibbling on their crops.

Billions of dollars were invested in pesticide development, starting in the 1950s.

And by the time the Feds came to their senses and snatched DDT away in a full-on ban in 1972, there was no stopping the chemical onslaught.

Chemical giants had already cozied up to the USDA.

Without DDT in the picture anymore, there were plenty of OTHER options to take its place.

But those other synthetic pesticides weren’t safe either.

The scientists behind their development had also been tasked with developing nerve gasses for use on the battlefield.

And their chemical compositions look strikingly similar.

But here’s what Big Ag and the government will never admit…

Before the advent of DDT and the synthetic pesticides that followed suit, farmers were successfully beating back agricultural pests using NATURAL methods.

For instance, the insect-killing powers of compounds found in Chrysanthemum flowers, called pyrethrins, had already been discovered and proven by the time DDT was introduced.

They had been used in the Middle East for centuries to kill lice… and they were introduced to Europe in the 1800s.

At the time, the Allied Forces’ supply of it, which primarily came from Japan, was cut off.

But even after trade opened up again with our former enemy, the natural solution came up short compared to the “scorched earth” approach of DDT.

Pyrethrins work slowly and gradually over time, repelling the insects rather than just killing them all off.

Big Ag’s solution has been to synthesize an even more toxic version of these natural flower insecticides, called pyrethroids.

They can call them “natural,” but they’re by no means non-toxic.

Meanwhile, the extract from mums STILL works and is STILL safe.

And modern technological advances have made it easier than ever to cultivate Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium and Chrysanthemum coccineum outside of Japan… and to extract their insecticidal compounds.

But you’d never hear of it, thanks to a widespread conspiracy to rewrite history.

In your own garden, try planting mums as a natural pest deterrent.

And always buy certified organic foods when available. It’s the only way to GUARANTEE they haven’t been doused in something that could kill you.