Big Pharma preps SECRET ASSAULT on IBD patients

Having inflammatory bowel disease is a lot like being a real-life James Bond.

The moment you walk into any room, you immediately scan for the location of every bathroom.

And, of course, you look for all the exits… just in case you need to make your own dramatic escape.

That’s not all you have in common with the world’s most famous secret agent.

Just like 007 is constantly being betrayed and double-crossed, so are YOU.

But when you’ve got IBD, you might never see it coming.

They’re teaching docs to LIE to you

You’re in URGENT need of help.

But the drug companies are focused on their own “urgent” need… to make money.

Some of the most promising “new” drugs for major diseases have flunked clinical trials. That means no Christmas bonuses for the white-collar criminals at Big Pharma.

So, in order to pick up the financial slack, they’re turning to vaccines.

And they’re specifically targeting people with inflammatory bowel disease.  

They’ve created a special online presentation for doctors “on the urgent need for immunization in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.”

They’re trying to push nearly everything in the pharmacy, including vaccines for hepatitis B, shingles, flu, pneumonia, Tdap and meningitis.

That’s straight-up propaganda.

But in the INSANE and BACKWARD world of mainstream medicine, this is considered EDUCATION!

Doctors can get actual continuing medication education credit for sitting through this spiel.

They NEED those credits to keep their licenses up to date.

But the panel of experts delivering this “lesson” have conflicts up the wazoo.

One has shares in the company that makes the “hot” new shingles vaccine as well as the flu shot. Another is a consultant to the company that makes the old shingles vaccine (which is still in use).

Three have ties to makers of pneumonia shots. And who knows what else they’re cooking up in their labs?

NO WONDER they don’t mention how unsafe vaccinations are if you’ve got IBD.

In patients with already-weakened immune systems, those shots can stress out those systems even further.

To heck with the patients. It’s all about profits!

The net result is doctors across the country are being WEAPONIZED to pump you full of vaccinations that you DON’T need… and that might actually make you WORSE.

But you don’t need a shot to save yourself from these corporate Bond villains.

IBD is often completely curable through diet and diet alone.

Give up white flour, sugar, processed foods, fried foods, milk and caffeine.

Eat more whole grains… drink more water… and chew more slowly.

There’s no big industry out to fund a “special presentation” on the “urgent need” to do anything that absolutely no one will profit off of.

Except you. You’ll rake it in… by living better than ever.