GMO whistleblower makes SHOCKING confession (Don’t miss this!)

Just five years ago, Dr. Caius Rommens was a hero to the genetically modified (GMO) food industry.

Now, they can’t run from him fast enough.

As a researcher at Simplot Plant Sciences, Rommens developed a new type of GMO potato.

It was supposed to be the next big thing… a potato that resisted bruising and stayed fresh longer.

But fast forward to today… and Rommens is HORRIFIED by what he created.

He’s sounding a MAJOR alarm about two SERIOUS health risks with GMO potatoes… potatoes that might be sitting in your home RIGHT NOW.

And once you hear what he has to say, you’ll never TOUCH another GMO food again.

Frankenfood horror

By now I’m sure you’re wondering — how do you stop a potato from bruising anyway?

Well, this is where things get SCARY.

As Rommens explains, you basically “silence” the genes involved with the bruising process.

But here’s the problem… you end up shutting off ALL the genes that even LOOK like the genes related to bruising.

GMO scientists actually have NO IDEA how many genes are being altered — and what the effect could be on YOU.

Worse, Rommens says that there’s a very real risk that once you eat a GMO potato, YOUR genes (if they’re structured like genes related to potato bruising) could be attacked.

“It is even possible that the silencing that takes place inside the GMO potatoes affects the genes of animals eating these GMO potatoes,” he said in a recent interview.

How terrifying is that? These scientists aren’t just manipulating potato genes — they could be manipulating YOUR genes as well.

And I haven’t even told you the worst part yet.

Genetically modifying potatoes increased by SIX TIMES their levels of something called alpha-aminoadipate.

What’s alpha-aminoadipate? I’ll let Rommens explain:

Alpha-aminoadipate is a neurotoxin, and it can also react with sugars to produce advanced glycoxidation products implicated in a variety of diseases,” he said.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There are now NEUROTOXINS in our potatoes!

I’ve been saying for YEARS that Big Food scientists have NO IDEA what they’re unleashing with all of these GMO products.

And Rommens is finally blowing the whistle… and admitting that we’re right to be scared.

Rommens actually has a book out called Pandora’s Potatoes — and it’s a “must read” if you want to learn more about the GMO issue.

You can find it online through online retailers like