Disgusting! Big Pharma CAUGHT hiding cancer deaths

It’s the biggest LIE told in medicine today.

And it could end up KILLING you or someone you love.

Our government has PROMISED us that prescription drugs go through rigorous clinical trials before they’re approved.

We’re supposed to know EVERYTHING about these meds… including whether they work and if they could harm you… before they EVER hit the market.

But researchers have just been caught hiding serious side effects… and even DEATHS… in trials for MAJOR cancer drugs.

It was part of a sick scheme to make Big Pharma fat-cats rich… even if YOU ended up dying in the process.

Burying the truth

When a study on the pancreatic cancer drug Onivyde was published in 2016, it sounded like a dream come true.

The researchers referred to the drug’s side effects as “manageable and mostly reversible.”

Well, here’s what they DIDN’T tell you…

Five people suffered “fatal adverse events” during the trial – meaning they DIED from reactions to the drug.

Death doesn’t sound to “manageable” to me… and it’s definitely NOT “mostly reversible.”

So why was this swept under the rug? Well, this kind of garbage is happening ALL THE TIME.

A review of 122 cancer drug trials found that DOZENS of them weren’t including data on “adverse events” – and some even left out DEATHS.

And you don’t have to be a genius to figure out why…

When researchers dug into the data, they found that deaths in the treatment groups were HIGHER than in the placebo groups 66% of the time.

That’s right… people were MORE LIKELY to die once they started taking the experimental drugs.

Dr. Bishal Gyawali of Harvard, who led the new analysis of the cancer trials, said that adverse events are often downplayed to make a drug’s risk-benefit profile look better.

Well, when your drug is actually KILLING people, I guess there’s a lot of “downplaying” to do.

Even when drug researchers admitted side effects, they tried to dismiss them with words like “tolerable,” “acceptable,” and “manageable.”

Well, when you’re doubled over a toilet puking your guts out… when your hair is falling out in clumps… I think YOU should get to decide what’s “tolerable” and “acceptable.”

This is about making Big Pharma money, nothing more… even if it puts you in harm’s way.

That’s why some doctors recommend you not TOUCH a new drug for a few years after it becomes available.

Unfortunately, that’s how long it takes for shady research to be exposed… and for us to understand a drug’s true dangers.