[Warning] Perfect blood sugar control with THIS could be the death of you

When you’ve got diabetes, the drug lords at the pharmaceutical companies promise better blood sugar control and a lower risk of heart problems.

But you could end up with exactly the opposite.

You could face a higher risk of EVERYTHING you’re trying to avoid.

What makes this so offensive is that they’ve known about the risks all along.

They’ve even admitted the risks of their drugs.

They just don’t care enough to stop pushing the drugs on you.

But what’s the point of “better” blood sugar control… if achieving it will kill you?

Here’s how to get out of that no-win situation… control your blood sugar… AND reduce your risks.

The blood sugar drug that’s TOO DANGEROUS to take!

The mainstream has spent decades – DECADES! – pushing seniors with diabetes through a system that leads to MORE risks.

The killer cardiovascular risk of sulfonylureas isn’t news to anyone.

It’s one of the reasons why in 1998, the American Diabetes Association recommended that diabetics start out on metformin instead of sulfonylureas.

Metformin isn’t the nuclear option for reducing glucose levels. So, even when you take it “as directed,” your blood sugar STILL might not be perfect.

To hit your so-called “target,” your doc might ramp up your meds by switching you off metformin and onto a sulfonylurea.

Sulfonylureas CAN get you over the hump after metformin has failed — but they can work TOO well, sending your blood sugar down into dangerously low levels.

You’d think that would’ve been enough to take sulfonylureas out of the mix.

But the OBSCENE part of this is the fact even when these drugs work PERFECTLY, your cardiovascular risks jump.

They won’t save your life… and they just might tip the scale in the opposite direction.

Compared to just sticking with metformin, switching to a sulfonylurea will increase your risk of a heart attack by 26 percent.

It’ll also increase your risk of a stroke by almost the same amount.

And making the switch will increase your risk of DEATH from ANY CAUSE by 28 percent!

Those are just the latest numbers. A 2013 review of data in the UK found the risk of all-cause mortality increased by 58 percent.

I’ve got a much better plan. You just have to do these three things:

  1. Eat less sugar.
  2. Take vitamins, like B3 and vitamin C
  3. Add some supplements proven to lower your blood glucose, but without the risk. You can start with chromium, berberine, and even cinnamon.

You can get BETTER blood sugar control, and you DON’T have to face a higher risk of a heart attack to get there.