This Prohibition-era secret ERASES gas and bloating

You’ve eaten that last turkey leg… downed another helping of cranberry sauce… and couldn’t resist your daughter’s pumpkin pie.

Now you feel like there’s a beach ball inflating in your stomach.

The gasbloating... and post-meal queasiness are making you MISERABLE.

But before you reach for the Tums or Rolaids, here’s something you should try.

Because there’s an old “liquor cabinet secret”… it was sold in old apothecaries and actually survived Prohibition… that can make even the WORST digestive problems disappear.

And it only takes a few drops.

Sweet stomach relief

American colonists from England knew a trick to settling their stomachs — no matter what sent them into doing flip-flops.


And thankfully, if the new Americans couldn’t get their supply of bitters from England… they had another choice.

In the 1850s, a new type of bitters came out of Venezuela that’s still popular today, called Angostura.

Now, if you like a drink every now and then, you may know bitters better as a flavoring in your favorite cocktail.

And it’s true – many folks throughout history have added bitters to a mixture of spirits, water, and sugar.

But at one time, they also drank these extracts of roots, fruits, seeds, and other botanicals straight out of the bottle.

And even though bitters did contain a little bit of alcohol, this healing tonic survived the Temperance Movement and even all 13 years of Prohibition…

Because it could be sold at the pharmacy instead of the bar.

Drinkers could give up their booze… but even teetotalers couldn’t go without bitters.

Because bitters can help activate your salivary glands, just a few drops before you eat might “prime the pump” enough to stop bloating and gas before they start.

But because bitters help stimulate your gastric enzymes down below, they make a fantastic digestif AFTER eating, too.

They give you enough stomach acid to digest what you’ve eaten… but not so much that it comes back up to haunt you.

Bitters also go beyond the stomach into the rest of your gut, filling your intestines with bile and other digestive juices to keep the food moving through your system and, eventually, out.

And if you’re a little on the older side, you know how your body’s digestive system slowly breaks down with each passing year.

Some of the herbal extracts that you can find in both types of bitters today – the cocktail accompaniment AND the non-alcoholic health-food store staple – include dandelion, burdock, gentian root, fennel seed, and ginger.

And if you’ve ever had any of these ingredients on their own, you know how they can settle your stomach even better than Pepto, Tums, Alka-Seltzer, or any of those stronger and more dangerous acid-blocking pills.

Look for cocktail bitters at your local liquor store and digestive bitters at your local health-food store or online. They still come in little brown bottles with eyedroppers.

Check the labels, and you won’t see much difference between their ingredients, either.

Try both and see which kind works best for you.