Strange “wood oil” KILLS cancer… and our government tried to hide it

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you spend this day surrounded by the people you love.

But here’s the thing… I want you and everyone you care about to celebrate LOTS more Thanksgivings together.

That’s why I bring you the latest life-saving cures you won’t hear about ANYWHERE else.

And today I have a doozy…

Because I’m going to give you the TRUTH about a miracle oil that disappears into your skinseeks out… and DESTROYS cancerous tumors.

It’s one of the most jaw-dropping cancer BREAKTHROUGHS I’ve ever seen – and you won’t BELIEVE why our government tried to keep it from you.

A Trojan horse comes knocking

Dimethyl sulfoxide (a.k.a. DMSO) has been the subject of some of the worst smear campaigns in medical history.

And that’s saying something…

First, mainstream medicine tried to convince everyone that it was some type of toxic wood solvent.

What nonsense. Yep, it was discovered in the 1800s by the lumber industry – but that’s because DMSO is a NATURAL COMPOUND found in the cell walls of trees.

Then, for a while, the FDA actually banned DMSO for the dumbest reason you can imagine.

Their only real objection was that double-blind, placebo-controlled trials on DMSO might not be possible.

Why? Because it has a garlicky smell and patients would know when they were getting it (as opposed to a placebo).

Isn’t that ABSOLUTELY INSANE? For God’s sake, make the placebo smell like garlic!

And, by the way, who CARES if patients know they’re getting DMSO? We’re talking about a cancer CURE here.

It either kills cancer cells or it doesn’t… it either shrinks tumors or it doesn’t. And it’s not hard to tell.

And DMSO, by the way, DOES kill cancer.

It has a unique ability to PENETRATE your skin just like water.

At first, scientists thought DMSO might be just a good “carrier” – a way to deliver drugs to kill cancer cells.

But it turns out that DMSO is effective all on its own.

In one 2011 study, Turkish researchers used DMSO as the control (or placebo) to test how the cancer drug thalidomide could kill breast cancer cells from mice.

And the best proof of all hasn’t come out of a lab. DMSO has been proven in all the real, living people that it’s helped.

The FDA eventually approved DMSO… but not as a cancer treatment. For that, it must be prescribed off-label.

That means your oncologist probably won’t recommend it. But he’ll probably give it to you if you ask for it.

HSI panelist Dr. Mark Stengler advises me that DMSO can also be combined with magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to help control cancer therapy-related pain and improve quality of life.