Can this cucumber trick REVERSE Alzheimer’s?

I’m sure you remember the dim-witted Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes… and his famous catchphrase, “I know nothing!” 

Well, lots of mainstream doctors are borrowing that line these days – especially when it comes to treating Alzheimer’s.  

They’ll just shrug their shoulders and tell you nothing can be done.  

You’re supposed to just sit back and wait for Alzheimer’s to steal your memories… your personality… your independence… and even your life.  

Well, you and the people you love deserve BETTER.  

Now, scientists have discovered a natural compound that can ATTACK Alzheimer’s at the source and REVERSE this terrible disease.  

And all you need to get started is a simple cucumber.  

The green brain-saving machine 

Big Pharma has spent BILLIONS trying to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s.  

But the REAL key to beating the disease may cost you just a couple quarters at your local supermarket.  

That’s because cucumbers are loaded with an amazing compound called fisetin.  

It gives lots of plants their bright colors… but fisetin is also a powerful antioxidant.  

That means it can stop and even REVERSE the damage to brain cells that can lead to Alzheimer’s. 

Unlike lots of drugs (and supplements, for that matter), fisetin has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. That means it goes to work EXACTLY where you need it.  

A 2016 study out of the Middle East found that fisetin “enhances learning and memory, decreases neuronal cell death, and suppresses oxidative stress.” 

And research out of the Salk Institute in California found fisetin actually STOPPED Alzheimer’s in mice that were GENETICALLY BRED to develop the disease.  

Fisetin actually kept their memories intact… it was like a suit of armor for their brains! 

Now, like I said, you can get a good dose of fisetin from cucumbers.  

But unless you want to munch on cucumbers around the clock, your best bet is to buy a supplement.  

Luckily, fisetin supplements don’t cost too much more than cucumbers.  

You can find fisetin capsules easily online… and they’ll run you about 50 cents a day.