[Shocking] Could your insurance company DO YOU IN?

Ron Cunningham is no stranger to life-and-death situations.  

He’s one of the firefighters who combed through the wreckage of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.  

But when his wife got sick with cancer, Ron ended up squaring off against a different type of domestic terrorist.  

His own insurance company.  

Aetna refused to cover the recommended cancer treatment… and a jury just SLAPPED the insurer with a multi-million dollar judgment.  

It’s too late for Ron’s wife… but maybe not for you or someone you love.  

No matter what ails you… or which treatment could save your life… your insurance company could do the same thing to you. 

Here’s how to make sure you don’t get SCREWED by the system. 

Dead patients pay no premiums 

What Orrana Cunningham needed was a form of radiation known as proton beam therapy.  

Because her nasopharyngeal cancer was so close to her brain stem, a more targeted strategy was necessary to burn the cancer without destroying her OTHER brain functions.  

Without it, she could’ve lost her sight… AND her memory.  

Yet her insurance company, Aetna, refused to cover it. 

Why? They considered the therapy “investigational” and “experimental.” 

Except… it isn’t. Doctors recommend it all the time.  

The Cunningham family went into debt… borrowed from friends… and even ran an online fundraiser to get the $92,000 they needed for proton beam treatment.  

They weren’t trying to pull a fast one on Aetna… this was no insurance scam. 

But precious time was lost, and Orrana ended up dying from a brain infection.  

Before she died, though, she had begun getting proton beam therapy – and it was shrinking her tumor.  

Aetna was PROVEN wrong. Proton beam therapy was ABSOLUTELY appropriate for the type of cancer Orrana had 

A jury was so outraged by Aetna’s behavior that they just ordered the company to pay surviving members of the Cunningham family more than $25 million.  

But it’s just a drop in the bucket for Aetna. 

The company is our country’s third largest insurer. In the last quarter alone, it reported a net income of A BILLION DOLLARS.  

I’m glad the Cunningham family sued… but it makes you wonder how many folks don’t.  

Clearly, there are insurers betting that they can deny your treatment, and you’ll never do anything about it.  

So how do you fight back? 

The National Association for Proton Therapy website provides critical information for going up against Big Insurance and appealing a claim denial – really useful information for therapies way beyond this one.  

You can visit Proton-Therapy.org for more information.