Weird tech gadget STOPS migraines in 30 minutes (NO pills required!)

Big Pharma has discovered its latest cash cow. 


Just between May and September of this year, there were THREE new drugs approved to prevent migraines. 

None of them are cheap… none of them stop you from getting migraines… and ALL of them come with side effects.  

Ready for a better way to beat migraines? 

There’s a simple tech gadget that can SNUFF OUT migraines on the very first try… no pill or shot needed. 

This breakthrough works in as little as 30 minutes FLAT… and most people are NEVER told about it.  

Migraine relief… in the palm of your hand 

Big Pharma wants you to take a pill for everything. 

And when they’re not shoving pills down your throat… they’re trying to stick you with needles. 

But if you suffer from migraines, you know that no matter WHAT you swallow, it’s nearly impossible to get relief. 

That’s why it’s so exciting to discover a non-invasive alternative that can SLAM the brakes on a migraine attack. 

I got tipped off to gammaCore by HSI Advisory panelist Dr. Glenn Rothfeld. 

It’s a device that stimulates your body’s vagus nerve to make migraine headaches DISAPPEAR. 

But unlike vagus nerve stimulators that have to be surgically implanted in you in order to work, gammaCore is non-invasive. 

You just place it on the right spot as soon as the pain hits you, and… BAM! 

It can work in as little as 30 minutes – and by “work,” I mean it can leave only mild or even NO PAIN for more than half the migraines you treat with it. 

Talk about instant gratification! 

With Big Pharma’s migraine “prevention” approach, there’s not a thing you can do about a migraine once it does attack – other than hole up in a dark room for hours and wait for it to pass on its own. 

But after applying it for just TWO-MINUTES, the gammaCore could BLOCK your pain for the next TWO DAYS! 

And that’s without needing to take any med at all to kill the pain. 

Now, the gammaCore device stimulates your vagus nerve through your skin, so you will feel something. 

It may tingle… but it won’t hurt. 

And you can adjust the intensity to whatever is comfortable for you. 

You need a prescription for the gammaCore, but I don’t see why your doc would deny you something that could help you live FREE OF PAIN… and improve your quality of life. 

If he does, it’s probably time to switch anyway. You can find a new provider in the search tool on