Try this LIFE-SAVING diet… WITHOUT dieting at all

Diet fads come and go.  

But there’s one eating plan that’s all the rage these days… because it WORKS.  

I’m sure you’ve heard of intermittent fasting – where you go several hours a day without food, or go days eating very little.  

Fasting can revive a sluggish metabolism… kickstart weight loss by burning fat… rid your body of toxins… and protect you from everything from diabetes to cancer.  

The only problem? 

NOBODY wants to deny themselves food… and now you don’t have to. 

Because there’s a way to trick your body into THINKING it’s fasting… and you get to EAT the whole time.  

Hunger strike? Not on my watch 

HSI advisor Dr. Glenn Rothfeld actually brought the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) to my attention.   

The pitch is that the “FMD” can provide all those benefits of fasting I just mentioned – but without depriving you of food.  

It’s just like completing a five-day fast… except you get to eat real food! 

And you won’t struggle with all that hunger… or those plummeting energy levels…  

I know it sounds too good to be true, but the science backs it up.  

Clinical studies out of the Longevity Institute at USC in Los Angeles have shown that the ProLon diet can: 

  • Help you lose weight by reducing belly fat (more than an inch worth!) while retaining lean muscle mass 
  • Bring your “top” blood pressure number down by nearly 4 points 
  • Reduce inflammation, as marked by a decrease in C-reactive protein levels 
  • Rejuvenate your cells, as marked by a decrease in the aging marker IGF-1 

And you just need to devote five days to it, every few months.  

In the periods of time in between, you’ll continue reaping the benefits of fasting… while eating normal amounts of healthy food.  

That’s because when you start eating again after a short period of what your body THINKS is fasting, it “turns on” your stem cells… and everything starts running like new again.  

Who COULDN’T use a fresh start now and then? 

Like traditional fasting, the FMD can help you live longer… and better.  

It can prolong not just your life, but your health, too.  

Your brain cells will actually get younger. And one study showed how fasting made aging men feel LESS DEPRESSED.  

No one wants to go hungry… and no one should become malnourished for the sake of improving their vital signs.  

But the ProLon plan will help you “trick” your body into fasting mode, while you continue to eat.  

There may be no shortcuts in life – or in health – but mimicking fasting is about as close as you’ll get.  

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