Bizarre pitch to wipe out deadly infection IGNORES nature’s most perfect cure!

How desperate is the mainstream to avoid even MENTIONING natural therapies?

Get a load of this.

Rather than admit that a simple drug-free treatment works… they’ve cooked up a complicated and downright DISGUSTING new plan to fight one of today’s deadliest infections.

  1. diff strikes literally every minute of every day.

And every 18 minutes, someone DIES because of it.

This infection can be wiped out naturally.

But for some reason, even when the mainstream ADMITS this inexpensive, all-natural, drug-free therapy works… they STILL won’t recommend it!

They want you to do WHAT?!

Clostridium difficile isn’t something you typically pick up on your own.

You don’t get it from the escalator railing at the mall… no one sneezes it on you… and it’s not wriggling in your sushi.

It’s an infection CAUSED by your so-called care — a germ that’s mostly passed around in hospitals and strikes after taking antibiotics.

Taking antibiotics is like detonating a hydrogen bomb in your belly.

The drugs wipe out all your good bacteria, leaving the C. diff – which can resist the drugs – large and in charge.

You get the worst “stomach bug” of your life: a case of diarrhea so severe it could actually kill you.

I can’t think of a worse way to go.

Probiotics can replenish the bacteria in your gut and help restore order, but a new report says they’re NOT recommended yet.

Instead, the latest guidelines urge docs to start with antibiotics.

They’re pushing the very drugs that CAUSED the problem in the first place!

Then, if the infection gets worse — or rather, WHEN it gets worse — they STILL won’t recommend a simple, science-backed cure.

Instead, they’re pushing a fecal transplant, which isn’t quite as disgusting as it sounds.


It’s basically giving people a dose of probiotic gut bacteria, straight from the source.

You get someone else’s poop.

It’s highly effective, mind you.

But c’mon!

Some people are given frozen poop capsules. Others have a tube sent up the nose and into the gut (a.k.a. a nasogastric tube, or “NG-tube”)… or into the small intestine (a.k. a nasoduodenal tube, or “ND-tube”), where the “fresh” poop is pumped in.

Don’t like any of those options? Most people don’t… which is why the most common way to get a fecal transplant is by going directly up the bottom via a colonoscopy.

Why not START by giving people good bacteria the NORMAL way, via a probiotic supplement?

The new report even admits probiotics can prevent C. diff recurrence and cut the risk of antibiotic complications.

Yet this cheap, safe and natural cure is ignored… while the expensive and invasive (and disgusting) “mainstream” option gets the OK.

Obviously, there may come a time in a C. diff case when your life is on the line and you need extreme measures. If it comes to that point, then you bite the frozen poo bullet and get yourself cured.

But don’t let it reach that point.

Take a probiotic WITH your antibiotic AND for weeks afterward.

You can avoid the infection and never, ever have to even consider a “fecal transplant.”