Your diabetes care has been BOTCHED! Here’s how to fix it

Diabetes is a killer.

But in many cases, what’s so deadly isn’t the disease itself. It’s your treatment!

Er, LACK of treatment, that is — because most mainstream docs completely botch the job.

They medicate the symptoms – like blood sugar – without ever tackling the real underlying problems that make this disease so hard on your body.

They never touch the inflammation.

If you’re locked in a life-or-death battle with diabetes yourself, I’m here today to do what they won’t.

I’ve got a quick trick that’ll help you get the upper-hand on that cell-slapping, life-sapping, heart-cracking inflammation.

And you won’t find it in any of those guidelines pushed by the drug industry.


What the D can DO

The first thing you need to do is get your hands on a quality vitamin D3 supplement.

A new analysis of 20 studies involving more than 1,200 people struggling to control their diabetes confirms that it’s just about the most powerful weapon in the armory when it comes to inflammation.

What makes this new analysis practically SCREAM for attention is that it found what scientists call “Level 1” evidence, which is the absolute strongest evidence out there.

It was proven to slash three key markers of inflammation – and NONE of the drugs routinely given to diabetes patients can do that.

In fact, some don’t tackle ANY of them!

But vitamin D3 was proven to SACK inflammation by reducing all three of the following:

  1. C-reactive protein, a critical inflammation marker linked to the heart problems that are too often the cause of death in people with diabetes.
  2. tumor necrosis factor-alpha, which can lead to damaging inflammation in the gut and joints if it gets too high.
  3. erythrocyte sedimentation rate, which has been linked to two of the top killers of diabetics: heart failure and kidney disease.

And while cutting any ONE of those forms of inflammation is essential, cutting ALL of them at once is practically magical.

It can help prevent nearly every major complication linked to diabetes and poor blood sugar control — including insulin resistance, fatty deposits in your blood vessels, and hardened arteries.

Vitamin D3 is just about the safest, cheapest, and most effective way out there of fighting the deadly damage of this disease.

It’s the next-best thing to the honest-to-goodness sun exposure your body depends on to make this essential nutrient.

Actually, it’s better.

Since sun exposure can lead to sunburn, folks avoid it to the point of being paranoid about heading into the great outdoors.

They’ve become pale vampires, cowering from the daylight.

And those who are brave enough to step out of the darkness wrap themselves up like The Mummy!

In both cases, folks are DEPRIVING themselves of this hero vitamin.

And that’s why nearly everybody is at least a little too low on D.

But vitamin D3 supplements can deliver ALL of the benefits… with NONE of the burn… for just pennies a day.

And if you’re taking D3 over the long term, be sure to add some vitamin K2 to the mix.