Is this ‘breakthrough’ heart treatment a TOTAL FRAUD?

Here’s a good rule of thumb…

If something seems too good to be true, it’s usually… well, the stuff that comes out of a bull’s backside.

For YEARS we were promised that stem cells were going to be the next big thing for heart disease.

Have heart damage… or even heart FAILURE? No problem.

Just get shot up with some stem cells, and you’ll practically REGROW a new heart.

But, as it turns out, there was a BIG problem…

The top researcher behind cardiac stem cell therapy is being accused of falsifying his data and FRAUD.

Now countless people are in harm’s way… including maybe you or someone you love.

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.


A fall from grace

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

In 2003, the American Heart Association honored Dr. Piero Anversa as one of its “Distinguished Scientists.”

He was the golden boy of cardiac stem cell research.

Now, the entire medical community can’t run from him fast enough.

Anversa has lost his job and has been accused of LYING in no less than 31 studies published in medical journals.

The former Director of the Center of Regenerative Medicine at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston finagled his way through multiple trials, APPEARING to show that stem cells could help regenerate cardiac muscle.

Now, lots of the research behind heart stem cells is looking like a TOTAL FRAUD.

Even back in 2016, some experts had their doubts about the small size of Anversa’s studies… and whether he was manipulating the data.

And get this…no other labs have been able to reproduce Anversa’s results.

Last April, Brigham & Women’s even had to dish out $10 million after the Department of Justice accused Anversa of using fraud to get federal research grants.

But what happens to Anversa isn’t even the point… it’s what happens to YOU that matters.

This bogus science has spread like wildfire – and it’s almost impossible to take back a lie.

When most publications retract a study, they do it quietly, with nothing more than a footnote.

Even worse? This cardiac stem cell therapy is being offered around the world… and in clinical trials… RIGHT NOW!

MILLIONS of dollars have been committed to it, and these clinics and research centers aren’t going to just close up shop.

That means people like you are being put in harm’s way! All based on bogus science and a treatment where the effectiveness – and risks – are COMPLETELY UNKNOWN.

This is EXACTLY why we shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon with these new treatments. The science isn’t proven… sometimes it’s made up… and you become a human guinea pig!

If your doc is pushing something on you that feels wrong, get a second or even a third opinion. And we’ll have our HSI Advisory Panel weigh in when we see junk science.

You can also check out to see which studies turned out to be bogus.