Canadian cancer cure… SILENCED for 96 years

In 1940, a Canadian woman named Friselde Caisse learned she was dying.

She had aggressive liver cancer… and only weeks to live.

This was YEARS before radiation and chemotherapy started showing up at hospitals.

But Friselde did NOT die.

She rose from her deathbed and lived another 18 yearsthanks to a special tea that started REVERSING her cancer in just 10 days.

So why haven’t you heard about this miracle tea?

The woman who discovered it 96 years ago… Friselde’s own daughter… was brutally attacked and silenced by the mainstream medical establishment.

And her cancer cure was driven completely underground… until now.

The tumor-fighting tea

Here’s what LOTS of people will tell you – even if their doctors won’t.

They SURVIVED their cancer thanks to essiac tea. It SAVED THEIR LIVES.

The proof is in the pudding!

Essiac tea first came to the attention of Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, in 1922.

Yep, that’s 96 years ago… and DECADES before chemotherapy was invented.

One of Caisse’s patients used this old Indian tea to beat breast cancer…and shared the recipe.

Caisse then spent the rest of her life healing HUNDREDS of people with cancer, using essiac tea.

But she didn’t exactly get a Nobel Prize for it…

Caisse was continually harassed by her medical colleagues — and even government officials — who were DESPERATE to ruin her and hide her discovery.

They’d rather keep you in the dark than see you beat cancer without drugs. So they helped to drive essiac tea underground.

But research has COMPLETELY VINDICATED Caisse and her miracle tea… especially over the last 15 years.

A number of individual case studies point to essiac tea as helping extend the lives of cancer patients, particularly those with prostate cancer.

A 2005 study showed how essiac tea acts as an antioxidant and protects DNA from damage – two mechanisms that are absolutely critical to fighting cancer.

And in a 2007 study, essiac boosted the immune response, extinguished inflammation, and killed ovarian tumor cells!

Three of its four main components, each on their own, have demonstrated strong anti-cancer properties:

  1. Sheep sorrel, which is TOXIC to human tumor cells
  2. Burdock root, whose compounds can stop the growth and spread of breast cancer cells ON PAR with conventional chemotherapy
  3. Indian rhubarb root, a strong detoxifier

And the fourth, slippery elm, works on your body’s mucous membranes – which means it can soothe the upset stomach and sore throat that are so common with conventional cancer treatments.

Commercial formulations of essiac tea are available, though you can also brew your own (and even grow your own herbs).

If the taste of the tea doesn’t do it for you, try essiac powder in capsule form.