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Diabetes cure… BLACKLISTED for 78 years!

You probably spent the first 50 or 60 years of your life NEVER thinking about insulin.

But the moment you’re diagnosed with diabetes, insulin is ALL you think about.

Maybe your body isn’t making enough insulin… or has trouble using it.

Or maybe you’re FLOODING your body with painful insulin injections all day – the same insulin shots that can cause comas or even death.

But no matter what you’ve been told, there’s a BETTER way to beat diabetes.

Because 78 years ago, researchers discovered a powerful natural CURE for diabetes.

No insulin… no needles… and no worrying about overdosing.

This research was published at the absolute WORST time in medical history — and the mainstream has done everything in its power to steer you away from this diabetes breakthrough.

But this blacklisted cure is available right now… if you know where to look.


They can ignore it, but it won’t go away

I’ve told you before how Big Pharma is using “shortages” to drive up the price of insulin.

And while drug companies get rich, some diabetics have had to ration their supply… with deadly consequences.

But even if you have enough insulin, it can be INCREDIBLY dangerous.

You have to adjust the dosage based on your level of activity what you eat – it’s a constantly moving target.

And if you take too much insulin, your blood sugar can dip so low that you could slip into a coma.

Or, you could land in an early grave.

You shouldn’t have to risk your life to control your diabetes… and, starting today, you don’t have to anymore.

Because the people of Southeast Asia have been using the leaves of a flowering tree, called banaba, to get the same exact results as insulin.

And their cure is much, much safer.

Now, the first published study on banaba came out of the Philippines in 1940 – but, like I said, it couldn’t have been published at a worse time.

Modern versions of insulin were just starting to flood the market… and mainstream docs had bought in to the insulin racket lock, stock, and barrel.

They weren’t about to stop giving injections for some exotic “folk” remedy.

No matter how strong the evidence was.

And the higher the dosage, the longer the benefit lasted – without any toxic side effects.

Sure, that was nearly 80 years ago. But the research continues to confirm how banaba can REVERSE type 2 diabetes.

In 2001, a study out of Japan found that banaba extract ERADICATED sugar spikes after eating.

Two years later, researchers in Japan found that an extract from banaba leaves can combat insulin resistance by activating your insulin receptors.

And what’s more – banaba comes in a capsule you can swallow. No painful needles… no poking holes in your body… and no infections at the injection sites.

Yet some mainstream doctors will STILL go so far as to tell you that banaba is not proven.

And that’s nonsense.

It was proven 78 years ago… and practically nobody was watching.