Crazy FDA crackdown leaves arthritis sufferers in AGONY

It may be the most INSANE thing the Food and Drug Administration has ever done.

And, boy, oh, boy, that’s saying something…

I don’t need to tell you that the way mainstream medicine treats arthritis is a JOKE.

They either cut you open for a joint replacement… or stick you on dangerous pain meds that are killing people EVERY DAY!

But for folks with arthritis, there’d been hope… until Uncle Sam got involved.

An all-natural, drug-free product was soothing away arthritis pain and even REVERSING damage.

Now, the FDA is working to make sure you NEVER get your hands on it.

And it’s all based on some of the most HYPOCRITICAL research – and CORRUPT political maneuvering – I’ve ever seen.


Goliath sucker-punches David

Imagine finding the PERFECT product to ease away your arthritis pain.

And then the unfathomable happens: You can’t get a refill!

You may never be able to get it again.

That’s EXACTLY what’s happened to folks like you since the FDA dropped the axe on Limbrel early this year.

Limbrel is a special blend of joint-soothing plant extracts that was working WONDERS for arthritis patients (I’ll give you the details in a moment).

But the FDA got it pulled from the market after 30 adverse events were reported to the feds within a 10-year period.

That’s right… THREE events a year. ZERO deaths and EVERYONE recovered.

Are you KIDDING ME?! Opioid pain drugs are KILLING 40,000 people a year – and our government attacks Limbrel instead?

The FDA seems mainly concerned with how Limbrel could affect your liver.

But in a study of nearly 900 patients, only 4 experienced ANYTHING  remotely negative… and the researchers couldn’t even prove that Limbrel was the problem!

Meanwhile, the FDA has done NOTHING about our country’s biggest cause of acute liver failure, which has KILLED over 1,300 people.

That’s right – acetaminophen is still considered the “gold standard” for pain relief at hospitals, despite an egregious safety record.

Meanwhile, the feds IGNORE the fact that Limbrel works AND is safer than the POISONS they allow Big Pharma to push on you.

In a 2010 study, Limbrel eased joint tenderness and other discomfort AND helped people move around more. And it performed just as well as the NSAID drug it went head-to-head with, naproxen.

Even better? Limbrel didn’t wear off like the NSAID – and it worked BEST for older folks, who are often failed by pain drugs.

There is no doubt in my mind that Limbrel is safer than the drugs the FDA is allowing to stay on the market.

But Limbrel is the latest victim in the FDA’s war on natural medicine – and arthritis sufferers like you are being left in agony.

I had one doctor tell me he’s had patients calling him in TEARS because they can’t get Limbrel. That’s CRIMINAL!

As far as federal crackdowns go, this about as nuts as they get. Register your complaint by calling the FDA directly at 1-888-INFO-FDA.