Long-lost ancient text reveals menopause BREAKTHROUGH

You’d practically have to be a Sherpa…or a mountain climber… to see it in the wild.

High up in the Himalayas, a miracle herb sprouts out of some of the toughest, rockiest soil you’ve ever seen.

It’s first mentioned in an ancient medical text, the Sushruta Samhita – so old it was written on palm leaves.

And folk healers started harnessing the power of this herb nearly 5,000 years ago.

They noticed that it could revitalize older women whose energy and strength had begun to fade.

In other words, they had discovered a CURE for menopause symptoms.

This breakthrough natural remedy was practically lost to time – but it’s been rediscovered by HSI researchers.

And if you’re struggling with the fatiguehot flashes… and irritability of menopause, this herb could hold the key to getting you through the “change of life”… unscathed.

Turn the tables on ‘the change’

In India, where Ayurvedic medicine has been helping heal people for thousands of years, Asparagus racemosus is known as shatavari, or “Queen of the Herbs.”

It’s literally celebrated for helping women who are suffering the ravages of time.

You see, in addition to being packed with vitamins AND protein, shatavari ALSO contains a plant version of the “female” hormone, estrogen.

And if you’ve been seeing your own hormone levels sinking as you get older, this plant can raise them back up NATURALLY… and make you feel like a younger woman again!

And you don’t have to worry about the side effects or other hormone imbalances that come with synthetic estrogen drugs.

So how well does shatavari work against the toughest symptoms of menopause?

Let me show you…

First of all, when you’re dealing with menopause, it feels like you’re BURNING up. And those “flashes” can last a lot longer than advertised.

So, short of standing in front of the open refrigerator door, is there anything that can actually cool you off?

Yes — shatavari.

It contains an antioxidant called racemofuran that fights the fires of inflammation in your body. A 2002 study showed that it provided over 37 percent relief from hot flashes and nearly 38 percent relief from sweating.

And secondly, menopause can literally dry you up “down there,” making sex painful.

But shatavari can get things lubricated… which may explain why it tends to help ladies reclaim their disappearing libido, too.

Finally, shatavari can also lift your spirits and improve your mood.

And those are three of the top complaints about menopause – all tackled by one powerful cure that never quite “made it” on this side of the globe.

You can, however, get shatavari in liquid, tablet, or capsule form at your local health food store or online.

The only problem? There isn’t always enough of it to go around – at least not where it grows in the wild.

So, until they figure out how to grow enough shatavari to satisfy the growing demand for it, you might want to stock up now.