The biggest and most dangerous scam facing seniors today

Dear Reader,

Once you reach a certain age, you somehow become a prime target for scammers.

From callers who pretend that they’re from the IRS… to contractors who take your money and never show up… these rip-off artists are always trying to catch you off-guard!

But the biggest scam of all – one that affects millions of older Americans and involves billions (yes, billions!) of dollars — can take something far more valuable than your money.

It can steal your health and vitality right out from under you.

And this con is going on every single day.

Docs are dishing out statins to more and more seniors. According to the latest numbers, half of everyone in the U.S. over age 75 has gotten an Rx for one of these cholesterol-lowering drugs.

But what do we really know about statins and seniors? Practically none of the trials on these drugs even include folks in their Golden Years.

That is… until now.

In the latest research to come out, scientists from several universities in Spain carefully examined the health records of over 46,000 people 74 and older.

And they found that the ones who popped these meds daily didn’t have fewer cases heart disease and didn’t live longer than those not taking them.

Even for the ones who already had heart problems, statins did zilch to improve their health or prolong their lives.

So, there’s your answer: They’re worthless!

As we’ve told you over the years, Big Pharma is making a fraudulent fortune on these drugs. And the aging population of Baby Boomers is helping drugmakers to rake in even more money.

But the worst part of this heart-health hoax is that statins aren’t just worthless. They’re all risk and no gain.

They can put you in jeopardy for some of the scariest concerns that come along with aging, including:

memory loss, forgetfulness, and confusion,
cataracts and other vision problems, and
limited mobility due to severe muscle pain and weakness.
And then there’s the disease that can steal your independence and your life… diabetes.

It’s quite clear that taking statins can give you type 2 diabetes.

But if you needed any more reason to ditch these meds… or never start up on them in the first place, there’s this: Statins are known to cause hardening of the arteries!

How’s that for irony?

Statins also interact with a boatload of other prescription drugs — such as blood thinners, antibiotics, and hypertension and acid-suppressing meds (like Nexium) — that are also pushed on older folks.

The bottom line is that these drugs are bad news whatever your age. But pressuring seniors to take them is a con that should be considered criminal!

As we’ve told you, most “high” cholesterol numbers aren’t really high at all, but an “overblown risk factor” to push more statins.

If your cholesterol is indeed dangerously high, you can bring it down with simple drug-free measures, such as having more good fats (like olive oil), ditching bad fats (such as all partially hydrogenated oils), and getting some exercise every day!